Tell FL State Legislators “NO!” to opening floodgates on abortion restrictions

The anti-abortion movement is fired up: they’ve been racking up win after win in our neighboring states and now they have their sights set on our Florida. Extremist legislators in Florida have already introduced anti-abortion legislation and are getting their supporters to flood fellow lawmakers’ inboxes with pleas to outlaw abortion or make it harder to access.

One such proposal has been resurrected from last year and is already moving through the committee process. We cannot let this continue!

House Bill 265 and its senate companion, Senate Bill 404, are not just terrible policy impacting young Floridians, such legislation is also a Trojan Horse designed to open the floodgates for other abortion restrictions. We must do all we can to voice opposition.

Find your State Senator and State House Representative and contact them now by phone or email.  Urge their opposition to HB 265/SB 404.  Insist on a Florida where everyone can access confidential and safe access to the full range of reproductive and sexual health services, including abortion.  Let’s make our voices heard !