Sign the Thank You card to Florida abortion providers

Providing time-sensitive abortion care is a demanding job in the best of times. Providing this care in the midst of a pandemic is even more challenging.

Take a moment to sign on to this “thank you” card we will send to abortion providers in your area.

We recognize the special effort these dedicated health care professionals are making to keep providing care during the pandemic. Along with the stress many health care workers face, abortion providers are facing pressures unique to the care they provide. Their patients’ visits cannot be indefinitely postponed, unlike some other types of medical care, given that abortion care is not something that can be postponed for very long. Remember, although abortion care is extremely safe, it gets more expensive, and more difficult—or impossible—to access as a pregnancy progresses.

In the face of all this, these doctors, nurses, and support staff are showing up every day for their patients, because they know that, especially during this precarious time, people must be able to make their own decisions about if, when, and how they parent.

Join us in expressing appreciation to those providing the full spectrum of essential reproductive health care during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sign the “thank you” card to providers in your part of Florida. We will deliver the card on May 8th.