Write to your State Legislators: Defend and expand reproductive freedom

Did you know seven in ten Floridians believe, when it comes to abortion, everyone deserves to make their own decisions about their lives, bodies, and futures? Yes, you are part of a strong majority that believes in reproductive rights.

Make your voice heard! Send a quick letter to your state representative and state senator today, before the 2019 legislative session begins in March. Urge them to protect and expand abortion rights and reproductive freedom in the Sunshine State.

With the appointment of each new conservative judge to our state and federal courts, the Roe v. Wade decision becomes more vulnerable.

To balance that, new protections must be put in place by state legislatures to enshrine, in state law, guaranteed access to abortion care as a critical part of our health care system. We have seen this successfully done in New York, and advocates in places like Massachusetts and Nevada are also pushing to pass new landmark protections.

In Florida, the opposite is happening. Just when we need elected leaders to position themselves as champions for health care, anti-abortion lawmakers in Tallahassee have submitted bills to pass more bans, more restrictions, and more hoops for women to jump through when they attempt to access abortion services.

Fight back and urge your state legislators to take proactive measures — early and often — to expand reproductive freedom, defend abortion rights, and ensure everyone has the ability to meet their reproductive health care needs.

It is time to stop politicians from imposing their beliefs and anti-abortion views on others. It is time we move forward on women’s rights – and that includes access to abortion.