Report: Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers in Florida

In 2017, the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition’s Fake Clinic Work Group began researching anti-abortion pregnancy centers in Florida to gain better understanding of their operations. Work Group members sought a clear picture of the state’s Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program which fuels many local anti-abortion pregnancy centers across Florida via a contract with Florida Pregnancy Care Network, a fiscal agent and contractor whose board is populated by anti-abortion extremists.

The abortion rate in Florida has been on the decline since 2009.  Despite this, Florida state government funnels millions in taxpayer dollars to anti-abortion pregnancy centers that do not provide medical services. Instead, these centers promote inaccurate medical information and religious content on the taxpayer’s dime.  These same, highly reimbursed services are not subject to thorough oversight by the state.

In partnership with national partner, Equity Forward, and with leadership from writer Julia C. Long, we present our findings via PDF download or via the links below.

The topline findings

A DOH program with an anti-abortion mission

Wasteful spending, false medical info, religious coercion

Where does Florida go from here?