Oppose HB 1639: The Trans Erasure Bill

Oppose the Transgender Erasure Bill: a sweeping new assault on the rights and dignity of transgender Floridians that seeks to further disenfranchise the community.

Oppose HB 415/SB 436: State-sponsored anti-abortion website

Oppose HB 415/SB 436 Extremists in the Florida Legislature are once again pushing more anti-abortion propaganda on the public dime. House Bill 415 and Senate Bill 436 would require the Florida Department of Health to create a website using a third-party vendor that features anti-abortion pregnancy centers. The bill is sponsored by none other than […]

Oppose HB 651/SB 476: “Abuser Empowerment Act”

This bill could allow individuals to bring wrongful death lawsuits against abortion providers or penalties to those who help others access abortion care. Oppose HB 651 to stop political interference where it doesn’t belong.

Introducing Charley, the abortion chatbot

Meet Charley the abortion chatbot. Charley is designed by reproductive health experts to help abortion seekers in Florida and all over the country get private, personalized information about how to access an abortion.

An Important Story to Share

“I’m a registered Republican, former local elected official and among the nearly 25% of American women who have made the personal decision to end a pregnancy.” – Carol Whitmore, Tampa Bay Times