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Corporations Are Bankrolling Extremist Abortion Bans

Regardless of how extremists on the court rule, abortion care should be accessible and available for all who need it, no matter who you are and where you come from.

Floridians should be able to get an abortion when they need it, wherever they need it—without shame or stigma. But we know that isn’t the case.

To make a bad situation worse, the companies we know and give our hard earned dollars to every day — from entertainment to health care to food services — are the very ones funding anti-abortion politicians in Florida who are stripping away our reproductive freedoms and collective rights.

From Walt Disney World to Florida Power and Light, corporations claim to support our health, well being, and diverse communities, all while funneling millions of dollars to extremist elected officials passing laws that restrict our ability to determine if, when, and how to build our families on our own terms. It’s time they put their money where their platitudes are.

Politicians and corporations who fund them have no place in our private medical decisions. They are profiting off our bodies, and it needs to stop.

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Meet Abortion Injustice Inc.

See just how much money the players funding anti-abortion politicians are giving to ban abortion and reproductive care in Florida. These are the total amounts of funding given to sponsors and co-sponsors of House Bill 5, Florida’s 15 week abortion ban between the years of 2020-2022.

  • The Walt Disney Company – $927,359.81
    Disney, the largest employer in the Central Florida area, claims to support families. But in the last two years they gave anti-abortion politicians nearly $1 million. They’re making it harder for families to care for the kids they have, and harder for people to build the futures they want.
  • NBCUniversal – $204,000.00
    As one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies — producing everything from the news we read, to the shows we watch, to the theme parks where we spend time with our families — NBCUniversal has a hand in shaping our culture. They provide “family-friendly” activities and content, but when it comes to supporting actual people and families, their money does the opposite.
  • Publix – $422,500.00
    As the largest employer in Florida, Publix supermarkets claim to support the health of their 200,000 employees and millions of Florida families. But they actively undermine the needs and freedoms of their customers’ and employees by bankrolling politicians working to ban our access to health care.
  • Florida Blue – $1,036,500.00
    As one of the most-used health insurance companies in FL, Florida Blue claims to support health equity and fight systemic racism. How is giving over $1 million to anti-abortion politicians good for our health or for fighting systemic oppression? We know abortion bans disproportionately affect people of color and those experiencing systemic barriers to care. Florida Blue’s actions go against their promises.
  • Florida Power and Light (FPL) – $685,912.52
    As America’s largest electric utility company serving more than 12 million people, FPL/NextEra provides our basic right to power and heat in our homes, while actively restricting our right to choose if and how we grow our families.
  • Florida Hospital Association (FHA) – $541,800.00
    FHA encompasses over 200 hospitals across Florida and claims to be a leading voice for health care. Hospitals are meant to support all forms of health care and safe pregnancies — not restrict our right to abortion access by funding politicians who ban essential health care.
  • GEO Group – $457,800.00
    As the world’s second-largest private prison company and the largest “community corrections” and incarceration business, GEO Group gives money to anti-abortion lawmakers to criminalize our healthcare, so they profit off criminalizing our bodies and by maintaining mass incarceration all at the same time. GEO Group is one of the worst examples of profiting off our bodies.
  • U.S. Sugar Corporation – $911,500.00
    U.S. Sugar Corporation, whose HQ spans 230,000 acres of Florida land, is the largest producer of sugarcane by volume in the US. They claim to support civic, social, and educational causes, but how is that possible while they support anti-abortion politicians who make it harder for us to care for ourselves and our families?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Floridians deserve better. From these corporations. From our healthcare providers. From our elected officials. From our communities.

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