About Us

We are united to educate about the importance of, and advocate for, convenient, affordable and safe access to the full range of reproductive health care – from abortion to birth control to evidence-based sex education. We do this by exposing the flawed programs and policies pushed by anti-abortion organizations and policy-makers. We promote policies, programs and reforms that advance the social and economic benefits of reproductive freedom.

We envision a future where all Floridians have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, with dignity and respect.

Origins and History

October 16, 2016, the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition organizes its first action – delivering a letter to Gov. Rick Scott signed by over 50 organizations urging “immediate and specific action on the Zika virus outbreak and the growing public health crisis in Florida.”

In 2016, members of the Florida Pro-Choice Coalition recognized the need to transition from an information sharing network to a policy-setting group that creates collaborative strategies to advance abortion rights and beat back efforts of anti-abortion extremists. Representatives from various allied groups began conceiving of a plan to re-envision, restructure, and reboot the coalition.

After a series of initial planning meetings, a summit was held in Orlando that included dozens of organizations and key leaders across the state who would join in what would become a rejuvenated and more robust coalition.

The coalition body agreed to re-brand its name to be more inclusive and contemporary and we became Floridians for Reproductive Freedom (FRF). Within a few months dozens more groups had joined in.

FRF has been off and running and making an impact ever since. The creation of this successful new coalition was a watershed moment in the history of Florida’s abortion rights movement.


The FRF Work Groups are the principal vehicles through which coalition members collaborate. We currently have two standing work groups — the Fake Clinic Work Group and the Comprehensive Sex Ed Work Group. All FRF member organizations collectively do  Legislative Issues / State Policy Work. Other work groups will emerge as needs arise.

  • Fake Clinics. The Fake Clinics Work Group works to raise public awareness of anti-abortion pregnancy centers, nearly 200 of which are located in Florida, and ultimately to change laws that legitimize and fund these anti-abortion entities. Fake clinics intercept women with unintended pregnancies who might be considering abortion. Their mission is to prevent abortions by persuading women that adoption or parenting is a better option, often using shame and misinformation. FRF upholds the idea that all women deserve timely access and a full range of care options, not the medically inaccurate information and judgment pushed on them by anti-abortion pregnancy centers.

  • Comprehensive Sex Education. The Comprehensive Sex Education Work Group is working to protect Florida’s teens and create healthier communities by advancing policies for public schools to teach about sexual health using comprehensive, medically-accurate and age-appropriate factual information. Providing teens and young people with the information they need to make responsible decisions about their sexual health is the common sense solution to reducing unintended teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Currently, comprehensive sex education is far from the norm in Florida public schools as the state does not require it. Generally, abstinence-only only material is used in Florida classrooms, with the core focus being on not having sex outside heterosexual marriage and no inclusion of material on birth control or safer sex.

  • Legislative Issues / State Policy. The Floridians for Reproductive Freedom (FRF) coalition works year round to advocate for policy that makes the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion care, convenient, affordable and safe in our state. We defend against the opposition’s intent on mounting barriers to abortion, birth control, and evidence-based sex education. We do this by exposing the flawed programs and policies pushed by anti-abortion organizations and policy-makers. We promote policies, programs, and reforms that advance the social and economic benefits of reproductive freedom and access to abortion. Abortion access in Florida is protected by the privacy clause in our state constitution which says “every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life.” This protection is greater even than that provided by the U.S. Constitution. FRF watchdogs any efforts to alter the privacy clause in the Florida Constitution, such as via ballot measure.

Member Organizations

ACLU of Florida
Adolescent Sexual Health Collaborative in Pinellas County
All Women’s Health Centers
Anti-Defamation League
Bread and Roses Women’s Health (Gainesville Woman Care, LLC)
Broward County NOW
Call Them Out FL
Catholics for Choice
Center for Reproductive Rights
Central Florida Women’s Emergency Fund
CREDO Mobile
Democratic African American Women’s Caucus of Florida
Democratic Progressive Caucus of FL
Democratic Women’s Club of Florida
Dream Defenders
Emergency Medical Assistance
Emgage (formerly Emerge USA)
Equality FL
FL Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates
Florida AFL-CIO
Florida Interfaith Coalition for Reproductive Health
Florida Latina Advocacy Network
Florida Legal Services
Florida Student Power Network
Institute for Science and Human Values, Inc
League of Women Voters of Florida
Miami Workers Center
National Abortion Federation
National Council of Jewish Women
National Institute for Reproductive Health
National Organization for Women – Florida
National Partnership for Women & Families
National Women’s Law Center
National Women’s Liberation
New Leaders Council
Organize Florida
Physicians for Reproductive Health
Planned Parenthood Generation Action
Power U Center for Social Change
Presidential Women’s Center
Pro-Choice Coalition of Broward Co.
Progress Florida
Progress Florida Education Institute
Reproductive Health Access Project – FL Chapter
Ruth’s List Florida
State Voices Florida
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund
Tampa Woman’s Health Center, Inc.
URGE (formerly Choice USA)
We Are Woman
Women Movement Now
Women’s Alliance of Southwest Florida
Women’s Foundation of Florida
Women’s March Florida