Judicial Bypass in Florida


Get an abortion without a parent involved.   

Need free legal assistance for a judicial bypass in Florida? Contact The Jane Network at info@janenetworkfl.org or access their website here for help.

Florida law requires a parent to give permission if a young person under 18 years old is trying to get an abortion. (More info on the Florida laws here.) Most young people talk to their parents when they need an abortion – but some can’t, for their own safety; and others simply don’t want to disappoint their parents. If you can’t get your parent’s permission or are unable to ask your parents, you can get an abortion with no parent involved if you go to court and are granted a “judicial bypass”. This is a waiver from a court that will allow you to go ahead with an abortion without your parents being involved. 

The Jane Network can connect you with an attorney who can represent you in your judicial bypass case for free. Click here to access their website.

Jane’s Due Process is offering information and 1-on-1 support for any young person going through the judicial bypass process. To contact Jane’s Due Process text their hotline at 866-999-5263.

Are you looking for information for judicial bypass for a state other than Florida?
Check out the the website of our national partner, If/When/How, for help.