What forms do I need?

Ask the clerk at the court house about the forms. Find contact info for each county’s clerk on the chart on this page.

In some counties, the clerk will hand them to the teen to complete on their own. In other counties, a clerk will assist the teen with completing the forms. And in some counties a court-appointed lawyer will help the teen or even do it on their behalf after talking with them.

More info on how forms are handled in each county is available on the chart on the page, “Where do I go to get a judicial bypass?”

The two forms that must be completed and signed by the teen are:

  1. Sworn Statement of True Name and Pseudonym” – This document makes sure that no one finds out about you going to Court to get this waiver. It lets you choose a different name for the Court to use, instead of your real name. Once this is filed the Court will refer to you by the initials or pseudonym that you chose. It protects your right to have the abortion without your parents or guardians knowing. 
  2. Petition for judicial waiver of parental consent to or notice of and consent to termination of pregnancy” – This paper is a request of the judge. You can choose to write your own petition and bring it with you, or you can fill out this form. Your petition should include:
    • Your pseudonym or initials (whichever you chose to use on your Sworn Statement of True Name and Pseudonym)
    • Your age
    • A statement that you are pregnant and that your parents do not know about your abortion and have not agreed to allow you to get an abortion
    • A statement that you want to terminate your pregnancy (get an abortion) without telling your parent or legal guardian. Be sure to check “consent and notice“.
    • An explanation of why you want to terminate your pregnancy. There are 3 ways that you can get a judicial waiver from the judge. You have to prove at least 1 of those 3 reasons. If more than one applies to you then you should explain each reason that applies. The 3 reasons are:
      • you are sufficiently mature to decide on your own whether to have an abortion;
      • you are a victim of child abuse or sexual abuse by one or both of your parents or guardians; or
      • notifying a parent or legal guardian would not be in your best interest. 


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