Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 4/5/2019

When It Comes to Abortion Access, All Eyes Should Be on Florida
By Robin Marty
At first glance, the state of Florida is having what looks like a very benign debate in the grand scheme of abortion rights. Florida, which has long demanded that minors either notify their parents prior to an abortion or seek out a judicial bypass instead, is considering changing that law to require that minors actually get parental permission.

Giving parents the right to force minors to give birth is horrific
By Fabiola Santiago
Miami Herald
When you allow yourself to think through and visualize how the ordeal of an unwanted teen pregnancy would play out in Florida’s diverse families — if the Legislature passes anti-abortion bills being considered — the mental image is distressing.

Minors Seeking Abortions Would Need Parental Consent Under House Measure
By Shawn Mulcahy
WLRN Miami
A measure (HB 1335) that would require minors to receive parental consent before getting an abortion cleared its second state House committee Wednesday.

Activists Warn Against Florida Bill Requiring Parental Consent for Underage Abortions
By Jerry Iannelli
Miami New Times
In the name of saving children who aren’t born yet, Florida lawmakers want to hurt children who are already alive.

Florida Fetal Heartbeat Bill Divides Women, Providers, and Pregnancy Centers in the State
By Danielle Prieur
WMFE Orlando
Kristen Erichsen was in high school and homeless when she found out she was in her first trimester.

Florida should not join the fetal-heartbeat ploy to ban abortion
Orlando Sentinel
As divisive as the pro-life and pro-choice camps are, we feel sure most Floridians would not favor an option looming in the Legislature: No choice.

Georgia Is Latest State to Pass Fetal Heartbeat Bill as Part of Growing Trend
By Sarah Mervosh
New York Times
Tensions over a growing movement to ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected intensified this week as lawmakers in Georgia passed a bill that stands to become one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

Radical Attempts to Ban Abortion Dominate State Policy Trends in the First Quarter of 2019
Staff Report
Guttmacher Institute
Abortion rights took center stage in state legislatures during the first three months of 2019.

Global crackdown on access to abortion will cost women their lives
By Paula Avila-Guillen and Kelly Baden
Miami Herald
It’s not fake news: Public support for abortion rights in the United States is as high as we’ve seen in years. While Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation stirred the national debate over Roe v. Wade, today’s fight for abortion access rests with the states.

Lack of abortion services a health care shortfall
By Stela Patidar
Ocala Star-Banner
Women’s rights and equality have been hot topics recently, especially with regard to access to abortion.

Our babies are dying at birth
By Juliana Accioly
Miami Times
The 2nd annual Black Maternal Health Week campaign will take place next week, from April 11 to 17.

Florida considers a new option for moms who don’t want to give birth in a hospital
By Justine Griffin
Tampa Bay Times
Dr. Stephen Snow has spent 40 years as a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Florida. And he’s noticed a trend that’s becoming more common among soon-to-be mothers.

Leon County Sees Growing Syphilis Rate
By Tom Flanigan
WFSU Tallahassee
The Centers for Disease Control says sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise nationwide.

Florida’s incarcerated women face significant struggles to get menstrual products
By Dara Kam
News Service of Florida
It’s something most women rarely chat about with strangers.