Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 5/24/2019

Pro-choice protest at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando planned for Sunday
By Clarissa Moon
Orlando Weekly
In response to pieces of anti-abortion legislation passed in states like Alabama and Georgia, a pro-choice protest will take in downtown Orlando on Sunday [May 26], starting in Lake Eola Park and ending at Orlando City Hall.

Pro-choice activists protest outside U.S. Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale
7 News WSVN
Pro-choice activists took to the streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale to protest a series of bills and laws restricting or banning abortion that have been passed in Alabama and several other states.

Larger than usual protest in front of Planned Parenthood [Sarasota]
By Ray Collins
In the wake of a series of state votes restricting abortions around the country, a larger than usual group rallied in front of Planned Parenthood headquarters in Sarasota Tuesday morning.

South Florida abortion rights supporters join nationwide protest [West Palm Beach]
By Skyler Swisher
South Florida Sun Sentinel
South Florida abortion rights advocates joined a nationwide protest Tuesday against recently passed bans, demanding that state legislators not participate in a renewed push to overturn Roe v. Wade. More than 100 people rallied at lunchtime in downtown West Palm Beach.

‘Stop the Bans’ protesters rally in St. Pete for abortion rights amid rollbacks across U.S.
By Caitlin Johnston
Tampa Bay Times
“Our bodies, our choice” they chanted at the “Stop the Bans” rally for abortion rights, which was led by Progress Florida in partnership with Pinellas NOW and the St. Petersburg League of Women Voters.                                           

Planned Parenthood supporters protest abortion bans [Tallahassee]
By Valerie Mills
Tuesday about two dozen Planned Parenthood supporters protested in the Capital City, against the recent anti-abortion laws in states like Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

SWFL Protesters Join National “Stop the Bans” Demonstrations Against Anti-Abortion Laws [Fort Myers]
By John Davis
Advocates for women’s reproductive rights held a rally Tuesday outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Fort Myers in solidarity with demonstrations being held across the country in opposition to anti-abortion laws legislators have adopted in five states so far in 2019.

Abortion Nexus: Citizenship
ReistanceMom Podcast
With Andrea Smith
Ashleigh McGuire of Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida describes how their activists from Pensacola to Key West defeated this ban in Florida this year. As the pressure builds already toward 2020, the work starts now to hold the line against abortion bans here and across the country.

Rep. Mike Hill says he will propose Florida abortion ban modeled after Alabama’s new law
By Jim Little
Pensacola News Journal
Florida Rep. Mike Hill told a group of Pensacola Republicans on Thursday that God told him to sponsor a bill next year to ban nearly all abortions, much like the bill that passed in Alabama earlier this month.

Florida’s attack on young people’s access to abortion care aims to topple key Roe v. Wade court decision
By Amy Weintraub & Shaina Goodman
Florida Phoenix
We know that Florida’s existing parental notification law remains in effect and continues to harm Florida youth and that opponents of safe and legal abortion will surely be back for another attempt to pass forced parental consent.

‘Fetal Heartbeat’ vs. ‘Forced Pregnancy’: The Language Wars of the Abortion Debate
By Amy Harmon
New York Times
The new laws that prohibit abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy have been called “heartbeat” legislation by supporters, a reference to the flickering pulse that can be seen on ultrasound images of a developing embryo.

Will Florida join push to overturn Roe v. Wade? Both sides are ready for a fight.
By Skyler Swisher
South Florida Sun Sentinel
As anti-abortion laws spread across America, Florida’s debate is heating up as the Republican-controlled Legislature looks to chip away at Roe v. Wade, the law of the land for almost 50 years.

Jennifer Webb bashes GOP over restrictive abortion laws
By Janelle Irwin Taylor
Florida Politics
Rep. Jennifer Webb blasted Republicans during a rally in downtown St. Pete Tuesday. Webb spoke during a Progress Florida rally to “stop the bans” on abortion.

Leave it to Florida Republican Dennis Baxley to find an incredibly racist reason to ban abortions
By Colin Wolf
Orlando Weekly
Florida Sen. Dennis Baxley, a descendant of a Confederate soldier and literally the only person to vote against removing the name of a racist judge from a building at Florida State University, is now arguing that Alabama’s new oppressive abortion laws are a good thing because, well, the country needs more white people.

Alabama abortion law: Could it happen in Florida?
Florida Today
By Isadora Rangel
The passage of laws restricting abortion in states such as Alabama and Georgia has sent a message to conservatives everywhere: this is your opportunity to challenge Roe v. Wade. Will Florida — a state considered purple in presidential elections but whose government is controlled by Republicans — be next?

Report: Without Medicaid Expansion, Florida Lags in Maternal Health
Public News Service
Failure to to expand Medicaid in Florida means the Sunshine State has one of the highest uninsured rates for women of child-bearing age, according to a new report by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families.                                                 

Florida Insider Poll: Abortion restrictions, school board term limits are coming in 2020
By Steve Contorno
Tampa Bay Times – The Buzz
Looking ahead to next year, many Insiders believe Republicans will follow the lead of other GOP-controlled states and pass new restrictions on abortion.