Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 5/31/2019

Abortion rights supporters demand Florida senator’s ‘racist’ comments be condemned
By Skyler Swisher
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Abortion rights advocates are demanding a state senator be rebuked for controversial comments that have been called racist, the latest flash point in a debate growing more heated amid renewed efforts in Florida to chip away at Roe v. Wade.

Florida Lawmaker Doubles Down on White Supremacist, Anti-Abortion Talking Point
By Jerry Iannelli
Miami New Times
Is Florida state Sen. Dennis Baxley actually just an old tapioca pudding mold that someone forgot to throw out after a Ku Klux Klansman’s retirement party?

Florida finds its own Steve King in Dennis Baxley
Orlando Sentinel
Twice this month, state Sen. Dennis Baxley has darkly warned of lower birth rates in Europe.

Hundreds rally in downtown Orlando to protest abortion bans
By Xander Peters
Orlando Weekly
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In response to the anti-abortion measures passed in states like Alabama and Missouri in recent weeks, demonstrators gathered Sunday in downtown Orlando to send a clear message to state lawmakers: her body, her rights.

Pro-choice activists take to the streets of Orlando
By Jacob Ogles
Florida Politics
More than 1,000 pro-choice activists, including several state lawmakers, rallied in Orlando in favor of safe access to abortion.

Florida state Representative says God has told him to rewrite abortion bill with no exceptions
By Lily Puckett
The Independent
A Florida state representative told a group that God told him to a rewrite an abortion bill without exceptions for rape or incest.

Linda Stewart to push back against planned bill against abortion
By Ryan Nicol
Florida Politics
After GOP Rep. Mike Hill said he was inspired by God to introduce a bill heavily restricting abortions in Florida next Session, Democratic Sen. Linda Stewart said she’ll counter with her own measure aiming to defend a women’s right to choose.

Florida Democrats say they will fight Rep. Mike Hill’s abortion ban bill
By Jim Little
Pensacola News Journal
Rep. Mike Hill’s announcement that he would file an abortion ban bill in the Florida Legislature next year similar to the one that passed this month in Alabama drew sharp criticism from state Democrats.

Frankel announces legislation in response to state abortion bans
By Hannah Morse
Palm Beach Post
The year was 1969, a few years before the landmark Roe v. Wade decision said the right to choose was a right to privacy.

Hugh Culverhouse calls for boycott of University of Alabama
By Jacob Ogles
Florida Politics
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The largest individual donor to the University of Alabama wants prospective students boycotting the school.

Florida a GOP outlier on abortion measures
By Zac Anderson
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Florida lawmakers crammed a lot into their 60-day legislative session this year, leading Senate President Bill Galvano to call it the most substantive session he can recall during his 15 years in the Legislature.

Women are not state incubators
By Alycin Hayes
Gainesville Sun
Pregnancy when you want a child is a wonderful thing, but it is never easy. For nine months pregnant women can suffer from nausea, indigestion, vomiting, uncontrollable heartburn, uncomfortable constipation, painful hemorrhoids, weight gain, changed appetite, dizziness, gas, bloating, swollen legs, frequent urination, back pain, sleeplessness, exhaustion, permanent stretch marks, job discrimination, unwanted belly fondling and ultimately the extreme pain of childbirth.

We just got the first Supreme Court abortion opinion of the Kavanaugh era
By Ian Millhiser
In 2016, while serving as the governor of Indiana, Vice President Mike Pence signed an anti-abortion law that appears designed to troll liberals and give late night fodder to Fox News.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Clarence Thomas Are Officially at War Over Abortion
By Irin Carmon
The Cut
The lace gloves are off; by the cramped standards of Supreme Court decorum, Ruth Bader Ginsburg might as well have smacked Clarence Thomas across the face with one of them.

Revealed: women’s fertility app is funded by anti-abortion campaigners
By Jessica Glenza
The Guardian
A popular women’s health and fertility app sows doubt about birth control, features claims from medical advisers who are not licensed to practice in the US, and is funded and led by anti-abortion, anti-gay Catholic campaigners, a Guardian investigation has found.

Is it time to tweak sex education in Florida schools?
By Megan Reeves
Tampa Bay Times
Earlier this year, Seth Barack’s life science teacher announced a class project. She told the fifth-graders at MacFarlane Park Elementary to find a partner, choose a body part and give a presentation on it.

Abortion laws in the US: Here are the states pushing to restrict access
By Eric Levenson
The near-total ban on abortions signed into law in Alabama this month is the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country, but the state is not alone in trying to put limits on the procedure.

Keep abortion legal in Florida
Tampa Bay Times
The U.S. Supreme Court avoided significantly eroding abortion rights Tuesday, declining to weigh in on part of an Indiana law that had been struck down by a lower court and would have prohibited abortions because tests revealed an abnormality.

Las nuevas restricciones al aborto afectan a las latinas en más formas de lo que pensamos
Por Lillian Tamayo, Presidenta y CEO de Planned Parenthood South, East y North Florida
La Opinión
Ya saben lo que dicen: ‘crea fama y acuéstate a dormir”. Este dicho aplica muy bien para describir la manera en la que se trata el tema de los derechos reproductivos y el aborto, y lo que piensan los latinos en EEUU acerca de estos derechos.