Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 6/7/2019

Florida finds its own Steve King in Dennis Baxley
Orlando Sentinel
Twice last month, state Sen. Dennis Baxley darkly warned of lower birth rates in Europe.

Outrage grows over pregnant inmate left alone for hours while giving birth in cell
By Larry Barszewski
South Florida Sun Sentinel
News that a mentally ill pregnant inmate went through seven hours of labor and delivery alone while her cries for help were ignored has raised new concerns about how inmates are treated in Broward jails.

What’s next for reproductive rights in Florida?
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Florida Phoenix
Florida lawmakers didn’t enact any abortion restrictions in their annual legislative session that ended May 4. But the state is one of the outliers in the South.

Unprecedented Wave of Abortion Bans is an Urgent Call to Action
By Elizabeth Nash
Guttmacher Institute
With the signing of Missouri’s eight-week abortion ban and Louisiana’s six-week ban, a total of 27 abortion bans have now been enacted across 12 states so far in 2019.

How Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering Cleared the Path for Abortion Bans
By Amy Goodman,
Democracy Now!
As Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio and Georgia attempt to outlaw abortions after six weeks, Missouri legislators approve an eight-week ban and Alabama passes a near total ban on abortions, we speak to journalist Ari Berman about how the widespread attack on abortion rights across the country is tied directly to voter suppression.

Hill, Baxley disrespect Florida residents
By Sen. Audrey Gibson
Pensacola News Journal
Just days before Florida readied to mark the start of the celebration of Pride Month, and Immigrant Heritage Month, two state lawmakers gained the nation’s attention by disrespecting both.

Florida needs to decrease infant mortality and improve women’s health
Dr. Hala Bunni and Dr. Bruce Zafron
Naples Daily News
Florida is racing towards a severe shortage of qualified nurses and medical caregivers – a shortage that if left unchecked – will greatly reduce the quality of and access to medical care.

Trump ending fetal tissue research by federal scientists
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Lauran Neergaard
Associated Press
The Trump administration said Wednesday that it is ending medical research by government scientists that uses human fetal tissue,.

University of Alabama Could Return Largest Donation Ever After Donor Encouraged Students To Boycott Due To State Abortion Law
By Donica Phifer
The University of Alabama’s Board of Trustees will vote on Friday regarding if the school should return a $21.5 million donation following comments made by the donor after the state passed a law that will make nearly all abortions illegal.

Alabama Banned Abortions. Then Its Lawmakers Remembered Rapists Can Get Parental Rights.
By Samantha Michaels
Mother Jones
A few months after Jessica Stallings’ 13th birthday, her uncle raped her for the first time.

2020 Candidates Are Going All In on Abortion Rights
By Emma Green
The Atlantic
Kirsten Gillibrand has made abortion the central issue of her presidential campaign.

In reversal, Biden opposes ban on federal money for abortion
By Bill Barrow
Associated Press
After two days of intense criticism, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reversed course Thursday and declared that he no longer supports a long-standing congressional ban on using federal health care money to pay for abortions.

Abortion bans aren’t just a war on women, they’re a war among women
By Shannon Green
Orlando Sentinel
We’re all kidding ourselves if we reduce this abortion-ban debate into a conservative white male war on a woman’s uterus.

Protecting life is not just a woman’s job
By Dr. Vicki Toscano
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Abortion is back on center stage. And the terms of the public debate are, once again, stark.

Medicaid For More – Constitutional Amendment Gets Enough Signatures For Legal Review
By Abe Aboraya
WMFE Orlando
A petition to put a state constitutional amendment on the ballot that would expand Medicaid in Florida cleared its first major hurdle. So who is funding the effort?

Women, minorities pay for Florida’s failure to expand Medicaid
Tampa Bay Times
The practical consequences of the Florida Legislature’s partisan opposition to expanding Medicaid are coming into sharper focus, and women of child-bearing age and minority residents are suffering the most.