Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 9/13/2019

Women with low incomes suffer with no abortion coverage
By Charo Valero and Amy Weintraub
Florida Phoenix
Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed anti-abortion politicians in states surrounding Florida and across the country enact a slew of anti-abortion laws aimed at limiting access to abortion for those who need it most.

When Choice is 221 Miles Away: The Nightmare of Getting an Abortion in the South
By Becca Andrews
Mother Jones
“I would drink bleach right now.” Kate shakes her head, and her long, sun-streaked brown hair, piled high in a messy bun, shivers. “That’s so bad, and I don’t mean it,” she quickly adds.

Women facing restrictions seek abortions out of state
By Christina A. Cassidy
Associated Press
Thousands of women in the U.S. have crossed state lines for an abortion in recent years as states have passed ever stricter laws and the number of clinics has declined.

Despite Lawmaker’s Claim, Stats Show Florida Babies Are Not Being “Born Alive” and Killed
By Jerry Iannelli
Miami New Times
Murder is, believe it or not, illegal in the United States. That goes for adults, whom you certainly cannot kill with either your bare hands or some sort of physical weapon, as well as babies, who are, morally speaking, even less murder-able than grownups. For some reason, Republican lawmakers in 2019 are convinced people do not understand this concept, and are saying doctors and workers in abortion clinics are straight-up killing live infants in America.

Doctors Say Federal Rules On Discussing Abortions Inhibit Relationships With Patients
By Mara Gordon
Clinics that take federal Title X family planning funding are adjusting to a new set of rules that limit what health care providers can say to their patients about abortion.

Half of Floridians delayed or skipped medical care because of high cost, survey shows
By Naseem S. Miller
Orlando Sentinel
More than half of Floridians delay or skip medical care, struggle to pay their medical bills or are uninsured because health care is too expensive for them, according to a new survey.

Local Planned Parenthood Affiliate Names New Board Chair
Staff Report
Sarasota Magazine
Dr. Boyd Lindsley has been elected chair of the board of directors of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.