Reproductive Rights News Roundup

‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Bill Filed For 2020 Florida Legislative Session
Staff Report
News Service of Florida
State Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, will make a renewed attempt during the 2020 legislative session to pass a “fetal heartbeat” bill that would dramatically limit abortions in Florida.

Kelli Stargel again seeks parental consent requirement on abortions for minors
By Jacob Ogles
Florida Politics
Related: Erin Grall files House version of parental consent bill
An effort last year to require parental consent for most minors seeking abortions ultimately stalled in the Florida Senate. But Sen. Kelli Stargel will try to make the case again in 2020.

Florida lawmakers will renew their debate over reproductive rights in the 2020 session
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Florida Phoenix
The debate over reproductive rights will be renewed in the 2020 Florida Legislature.

Barrier to abortion access impacts Florida women
By Charo Valero and Amy Weintraub
Florida Politics
Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed anti-abortion politicians in states surrounding Florida and across the country enact a slew of anti-abortion laws aimed at limiting access to abortion for those who need it most.

‘No Surprise’: Congressional Republicans Go After Medication Abortion
By Casey Quinlan
U.S. House Rep. Robert Latta (R-OH) recently introduced a bill that falsely characterizes medication abortion as dangerous and in need of more regulation.

Trump officials shuffle funds to cover family planning gaps
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
Associated Press
Federal officials said Monday they’re redirecting nearly $34 million to cover gaps in access to birth control for low-income women after Trump administration abortion restrictions led to an exodus of clinics from the federal family planning program.

The Trump Administration Would Like to Talk to You for a Second About Your Cervical Mucus
By Stephanie Mencimer
Mother Jones
Ladies, have you ever wanted to learn the fertile secrets hidden in your cervical mucus? If so, the Trump administration is here to help!

Court freezes Georgia’s 6-week abortion ban
By Alice Miranda Ollstein
A federal judge in Atlanta on Tuesday temporarily blocked a Georgia law banning abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected — one of the strictest curbs of its kind in the nation and one of a series passed by Republican-led legislatures earlier this year.

Yelp Fixed Its Anti-Choice Clinic Problem. Why Can’t Google Do the Same?
By Madeleine Schmidt
Those looking for abortion providers using Google Maps are still being led to anti-choice pregnancy centers, while searches for an abortion provider using Yelp turn up consistently accurate results.

Admitting Privileges Are Back at the U.S. Supreme Court with Serious Implications for Abortion Access
By Elizabeth Nash and Megan K. Donovan
Guttmacher Institute
As the U.S. Supreme Court begins a new term, one case looms large with potentially major implications for abortion rights in the United States.

Medication Abortion and the Changing Abortion Landscape
By Megan K. Donovan
Guttmacher Institute
Medication abortion is a safe and effective method of abortion that can be completed outside of a medical setting—for example, in the comfort and privacy of one’s home.

“Public Charge” Rule: A Blatant Attack on Immigrants’ Rights with Severe Reproductive Health Consequences
By Adam Sonfield and Leah Keller
Guttmacher Institute
In mid-August, the Trump administration extended its xenophobic and racist immigration agenda to the health care sector when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finalized its expanded “public charge” rule.