Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Despite protests, a parental-consent law for minors seeking abortions could become a reality in 2020
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Florida Phoenix
Florida is moving closer to requiring minors seeking an abortion to get consent from a parent or legal guardian, with top Republican leaders in the Legislature signaling approval for a parental-consent law.

Key senator backs parental consent requirement for abortion
By Christine Sexton
News Service of Florida
Senate President Bill Galvano on Tuesday said he supports legislation that would require minors to get consent from their parents before obtaining abortions, increasing the chances that the proposal will pass during the 2020 session.

The truth about forced parental consent for abortion
By Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran
The Ledger, Palm Beach Post, Gainesville Sun, The Ledger, others
Florida law requires that parents or guardians be notified if their daughter is planning to have an abortion.

Progress Florida videos show pills—not hangers—aiding home abortion
By Jacob Ogles
Florida Politics
Progress Florida Education Institute has released a series of videos informing women about self-managed abortions.

Anti-abortion pregnancy clinics team up to target millennials with lies about health care
By Lisa Needham
Obria, the under-the-radar anti-abortion group that provides misinformation via its “crisis pregnancy centers,” is expanding.

Adolescent Health Groups Warn of Risks Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers Pose to Young People
By Jo Yurcaba
Abby McElroy was age 15 when a guest speaker in her high school sex education class told her and her classmates that they should think of themselves as tape.

This Hidden Rule Could Make It Impossible to Fight an Abortion Ban in Court
By Marie Solis
What if it were virtually impossible to fight an abortion ban in court?

Title X Family Planning Services: Impactful but at Severe Risk
By Rachel Benson and Adam Sonfield
Guttmacher Institute
The Title X national family planning program has for decades been a central component of the safety net for millions of low-income and otherwise marginalized patients who are seeking contraceptive services and supplies, STI testing and treatment, and related preventive care.

The US doesn’t offer paid family leave – but will that change in 2020?
By Miranda Bryant
The Guardian
Like millions of new mothers across America, MacKenzie Nicholson was faced with an impossible situation.

South Florida 100: Florida Senate votes to oust Scott Israel; Trump’s impeachment
By Eleanor Sobel, former member, Florida Senate
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Excerpt: Adolescent reproductive rights and healthcare are on the chopping block again in the Florida legislature. The Florida House is revisiting parental notification (HB 265) which was decided several years ago. With this new expedited bill, pregnant girls under 18 would need to get consent from their parents before obtaining an abortion. Vulnerable adolescents with poor relationships with their parents may do irreparable harm to themselves. Why is the House bringing this issue back? What has changed from the original passing? With 3 new conservative leaning Florida Supreme Court justices, we need the Senate not to take up this bill (SB404).