Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Abortion Debate to Be Front and Center in 2020 Session
By Jake Stofan
Capitol News Service
Florida lawmakers have filed a dozen bills dealing with abortion for the 2020 session. Pro-choice advocate Lauren Brenzel with Planned Parenthood said everything is on the line. “If 2019 told us anything it’s that attempting to restrict abortion is unfortunately on anti-abortion legislators’ minds,” said Brenzel

FL set to create some of the most restrictive barriers in the nation for teens seeking abortions
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Florida Phoenix
Florida may become one of only six states that requires both the notification and consent of parents if their teenage daughter wants to have an abortion.

DeSantis drives agenda as lawmakers take on teacher pay, abortion, school safety and more in 2020 session
By Gray Rohrer and Skyler Swisher
Orlando Sentinel
Abortion: The partisan battle over HB 265/SB 404 is already one of the bitterest contests of the legislative session…Opponents of the bill, which include most Democrats and abortion rights activists, argue it could carry implications for all of Florida’s abortion laws and even access to abortion itself. That’s because the measure will almost certainly spark a lawsuit, and if the newly installed conservative majority on the Florida Supreme Court upholds it, it would overturn a precedent and allow for more aggressive abortion restrictions.

The ten biggest issues to watch in the 2020 Florida legislative session
By Jim Saunders and Christine Sexton
News Service of Florida
ABORTION: The Republican-dominated Legislature is considering a controversial proposal that would require parental consent before minors could get abortions. Florida law already requires parents to be notified if their daughters plan to have abortions, but a consent requirement would be more far-reaching. The full House could vote early in the session to approve the proposal, which also is moving forward in Senate committees.

States gear up for abortion fights with eye on Supreme Court
By Reid Wilson
The Hill
State legislators across the country are preparing a new round of measures to crack down on or expand access to abortion services as supporters and opponents plot a growing legal battle that is likely to end at the Supreme Court…Florida legislators will consider a bill to require parents of a minor seeking an abortion to give consent before the procedure takes place.

39 Abortion Stories Show Just How Important Abortion Access Is
By Danielle Campoamor
Teen Vogue
On January 2, 39 GOP Senators signed an AMICUS brief urging the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that secured the legal right to abortion.

Gestational Age Bans: Harmful at Any Stage of Pregnancy
By Megan K. Donovan
Guttmacher Institute
States hostile to abortion ushered in an unprecedented wave of abortion bans in 2019, and legislatures across the South and Midwest are expected to pursue more of the same in 2020.