Press Release: Hallandale Beach takes the lead on repro rights


February 19, 2020 

Contact: Joe Saunders  /  / 407-497-4986

Advancing reproductive freedom:
Hallandale Beach City Commission takes the lead

Hallandale Beach – On Wednesday, the Hallandale Beach City Commission voted to pass a resolution declaring a firm commitment to reproductive freedom and dedication to fighting back against pervasive abortion stigma. 

“Anti-abortion politicians work in Congress and in Tallahassee to ban abortion, defund reproductive health care providers, cut maternity coverage out of health plans, limit access to affordable birth control, and prohibit Medicaid from covering abortion care,” said Sabrina Javellana, Vice Mayor of Hallandale Beach. ”I’m proud to sponsor this resolution. This is our community taking the opposite approach by saying that we respect, support, and empower women.”

With the passage of the reproductive freedom resolution, the Commission demonstrated a commitment to leading with their values and the values of the constituents they serve.  

“Hallandale Beach is advancing the idea that everyone deserves access to respectful, quality, and affordable health care,” said Joanne Sterner, President of the Broward County National Organization for Women. 

There is widespread support for abortion access in Florida and across the country. Research shows that a majority thinks abortion should be legal in most cases (65%) and do not think Roe v. Wade should be overturned (72%). Eighty percent agree that as long as abortion is legal, women should be able to get safe, affordable, quality abortion care in their communities. 

“When the right to abortion is endangered, the fundamental equality of women is threatened. A woman can never be equal if she is denied the basic right to make decisions for herself and her family.  Women in Broward County and the State of Florida deserve to have clean and safe facilities to receive reproductive healthcare.”- Hillary Dougherty, President, Women’s March Broward

A coalition of groups supported the reproductive rights resolution, including the Broward Pro-Choice Coalition, Broward NOW, and Women’s March Broward. All are members of the statewide Floridians for Reproductive Freedom, a coalition working toward a future where all Floridians have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, with dignity and respect.