Reproductive Rights News Roundup

‘Such nonsense’: Blue Dog Democrats officially repudiate Kim Daniels
By A.G. Gancarski
Florida Politics
In response to a Jacksonville Democrat’s claim that she’s a Blue Dog Democrat, the actual Blue Dog Caucus reached out to say no…Daniels, an evangelist who is socially conservative on abortion and prayer issues, seemed to suggest during the “When Women Pray” call that the endorsements for Nixon from Bob Lynch and Adam Christensen didn’t matter, as she is a “Blue Dog Democrat.”

Many Abortion Clinics May Not Survive COVID-19 Unless Progressives Take Bolder Action
By Halley Bondy
The fury of the anti-choice movement is always in Kwajelyn Jackson’s face.

‘Clinics will be forced to close’: Abortion rights backers fearful of upcoming Supreme Court ruling
By Chloe Atkins
NBC News
The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on its first major abortion case since President Donald Trump put in place a conservative majority on the bench.

Tear Gas, Miscarriages, and Breastfeeding: Is it Safe to Protest While Pregnant?
By Gina Martínez
Over the last two weeks, people across the country have demonstrated daily against the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others.

While You Protest, the Supreme Court Is Poised to Pummel Your Rights
By Jessica Mason Pieklo
The Supreme Court is set to radically alter immigration, abortion rights, and employment discrimination law—all in a matter of weeks.

The Pandemic And Legal Abortion: What Happens When Access Is Limited?
By Isabella Gomez Sarmiento
In April, Johanna Cruz terminated her pregnancy with drugs obtained through a telemedicine consultation.

Advocates Fear Another Devastating Impact of COVID-19: More Forced Pregnancies and Reproductive Control
By Jallicia Jolly
During the coronavirus pandemic, advocates have predicted a surge in domestic violence in the United States. Some worry that in addition to forcing survivors to stay in lockdown with their abusers, recent COVID-19-related abortion restrictions could lead to reproductive coercion.