Reproductive Rights News Roundup

The Abortion Pill Is Safe, so Why Are Conservatives Lying About It?
By Marie Solis
Abortion rights opponents understand that medication abortion is the future of abortion care, which explains their escalating and coordinated campaign to make it impossible to access.

Minor’s Abortion Appeal Rejected in Florida Parental Consent Suit
Staff Report
Florida Political Review
Months after the passing of state legislation that required minors to have parental permission before legally obtaining abortions, the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Florida rejected a pregnant teenager’s plea to be excluded from the mandate.

Trump releases list of 20 new possible Supreme Court picks
By Jill Colvin and Jessica Gresko
Associated Press
Hoping to replicate a strategy long seen as key to his appeal among conservative voters, President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced he is adding 20 names to a list of Supreme Court candidates he’s pledged to choose from if he has future vacancies to fill.

Lagoa, Muñiz on president’s list of possible U.S. Supreme Court justices, should an opening arise
By Michael Moline
Florida Phoenix
Excerpt: Both belong to the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, the conservative-to-libertarian organization that grooms young conservatives for legal careers and recommends judicial candidates to Trump. DeSantis, himself affiliated with the group, also looks to it for new judges. Trump released his first such list in advance of the 2016 election, in part to shore up support among evangelical Christians looking for judges friendly to their positions on abortion, LGBTQ rights, and the other aspects of their religious views.

Planned Parenthood leader at center of crucial battles on abortion, race
By Jessie Hellmann
The Hill
Alexis McGill Johnson, the new president of Planned Parenthood, grew up thinking about race — not so much about reproductive rights.

Rabbi Hara Person: Why Progressive Faith Leaders Must Defend Reproductive Rights
By Micaela Brinsley
Ms. Magazine
Since its inception, Ms. has been dedicated to reporting on the U.S. government’s persistence in restricting access to reproductive healthcare for millions of Americans.

This Pro-Choice Lawsuit Is Unlike Any Other: A GIFsplanation
By Imani Gandy
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit in North Carolina last Thursday and it’s a big deal.

Age is More Than a Number: High Infant Mortality Among Births to Teen Mothers
By Aletha Y. Akers
Ms. Magazine
Not all infants live to celebrate their first birthday. Sadly, this is especially true for infants of teen mothers.