Contact your House Rep now to urge them to oppose abortion ban (HB 1221)

Every Floridian should be able to make decisions about their pregnancy and they should be able to make medical decisions free from fear, shame, and the policing of their bodies.

HB 1221 would prohibit a doctor from offering abortion care to a patient who is seeking to end a pregnancy because of fetal diagnosis. This bill has nothing to do with protecting individuals with disabilities and their families. Rather, it exploits pregnant Floridians, as well as people with disabilities, to advance an agenda with the ultimate goal of banning all abortion. And it criminalizes physicians offering care that is safe and considered normal in all other developed nations.

HB 1221 will likely be voted on the House Floor the week of April 19. Please take action now!

Contact your House Representative now to urge them to vote “No” on HB 1221. Use Progress Florida’s portal to quickly email your Rep or find their contact info here.