Reproductive Rights News Roundup

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June is a pivotal month for abortions in Florida
By Cindy Krischer Goodman
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The next few weeks could bring a major change in Florida when it comes to abortions.

Inside One Abortion Clinic, Signs of Nationwide Struggles
By Gabriela Bhaskar and Abby Goodnough
New York Times
At a Planned Parenthood health center on Florida’s Gulf Coast, new restrictions on who can get an abortion are shaking up routines and creating challenges for the clinic’s patients, doctors and nurses.

What would happen in Florida if Roe v. Wade were overturned?
By Lucille Lannigan
WTSP Tampa Bay
Americans await a Supreme Court decision that could overturn Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Roe v. Wade.

Low-income women hurt by Florida not expanding Medicaid, 15-week abortion ban
By Isaac Smith and René Kronlage
Gainesville Sun
A ban on abortions after 15 weeks takes hold on July 1 and many Floridians will celebrate its application.

‘Fraught with consequences’: Florida advocates discuss barriers to abortion access for teens
By Kelsi Thorud
WESH Orlando
As the future of abortion rights in the U.S. remains top of mind for millions awaiting what could be a monumental Supreme Court ruling this summer, a lesser-known abortion law in Florida has been the subject of controversy locally for years.

Biden braces for Supreme Court to overturn Roe after months of planning for next steps
By Kevin Liptak and Jasmine Wright
President Joe Biden is bracing for a Supreme Court ruling that would strip away nationwide abortion rights in the US, potentially setting off mass protests and heaping pressure on the White House to act, according to officials, even as there remains little he can do through executive action to fully mitigate the anticipated decision.

Inside the Democratic strategy sessions planning the post-Roe campaign
By Elena Schneider
In every poll running in every targeted House district around the country, House Democrats’ campaign arm is testing how voters feel about the Supreme Court likely overturning Roe v. Wade.

Stakes high for Black women in states that could ban abortion
By Blake Farmer
Nashville Public Radio
“Adulting” was not going great for Tia Freeman. She had lost her scholarship at the University of Tennessee and enlisted in the Air Force. As she finished training to be an analyst, she got pregnant despite being on birth control.

‘Heightened alert’: Abortion providers brace for ruling
By Sara Burnett
Associated Press
In her first week on the job at a Philadelphia abortion clinic, Amanda Kifferly was taught how to search for bombs.

With Roe Set to End, Many Women Worry About High-Risk Pregnancies
By Jack Healy
New York Times
Brianna was seven weeks pregnant when she started worrying she would not live to see her due date. She had a narrow windpipe severely scarred by surgeries she had undergone as an infant, and as her pregnancy developed, she began wheezing and straining for breath.

As decision on Roe v. Wade looms, states weigh the economic cost of abortion bans
By Scott Cohn
Beyond the moral debate over state abortion bans or restrictions, critics say there is an economic argument against them at a time when workers are in short supply.

Exclusive: Want to live in a state that bans abortions? Some Americans say ‘no’ in poll
By Susan Page and Kenneth Tran
USA Today
In the category of unintended consequences, consider this: Nearly a third of Americans say they would find a state less desirable as a place to live if it banned abortions.

Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers Are Collecting Troves of Data That Could Be Weaponized Against Women
By Abigail Abrams and Vera Bergengruen
The first alarm bell went off in Ashley’s head when no one at the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center was wearing a mask.

Text ‘A’ for Abortion: How a Texas Group Targets Pregnant Women Online
By Emma Cott, Nilo Tabrizy, Aliza Aufrichtig, Rebecca Lieberman and Nailah Morgan
New York Times
Every year, hundreds of thousands of women in the United States use Google to search for abortion providers. They often find anti-abortion centers instead.

How Anti-Abortion Politics Swallowed Up the GOP
By Mary Ziegler
The American anti-abortion movement contributed far more to the rise of Donald Trump and the transformation of the GOP than we often think.

The activists going state by state to make abortion rights constitutional law
By Abigail Tracy
Vanity Fair
Lucy Leriche was seated in a Chicago conference room, attending a national policy conference for Planned Parenthood in June 2018, when news of former Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement broke.

People Who Have Abortions vs. the Police
By Renee Bracey Sherman
The Nation
In early June, Brooklyn-based writer Ashoka Jegroo documented on Twitter the chaos outside an abortion clinic in Manhattan.

State Policy Trends at Midyear 2022: With Roe About to Be Overturned, Some States Double Down on Abortion Restrictions
By Elizabeth Nash and Peter Ephross
Guttmacher Institute
Even before a leaked US Supreme Court draft opinion made it clear that a majority of the justices are poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion-related measures had already soared to the top of state legislative agendas across the country in the first six months of 2022.

Readers react to rabbi’s legal challenge to Florida’s abortion ban and surgeon-general’s vax opposition
By Orlando Weekly readers
Orlando Weekly
Last week we reported that a South Florida Jewish congregation has challenged the new state law that blocks abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, contending the measure violates privacy and religious-freedom rights.

On abortion, Florida’s party of ‘religious freedom’ tramples over non-Christians’ beliefs
Miami Herald
When Florida imposed a 15-week abortion ban in April, the state Senate president’s office released a statement titled: “Increased protection for unborn children signed into law.”