Black in Repro

Black in Repro is a workgroup in the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition that is made up of Black organizers, political operatives, consultants, providers, founders, community organizations, and experts in contraceptive access, abortion and prenatal doula care, policymaking, youth engagement, strategy, event planning and more. We aim to build a network of Black Floridians committed to a reproductive justice framework that drives policy and produces sustainable change for the Black community.

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In Florida, these Black women see the fight for abortion access as part of a greater struggle for their safety

By Rebeka Barber
The 19th 

As Florida has tightened its abortion laws and passed policies that restrict access to reproductive health care, nearly 40 Black women in the state have formed a coalition to push back against these measures that are disproportionately harming them. (Read more…)

Take Action: Sign the Petition to Establish a Black Midwives Day

The National Black Midwives Alliance (NBMA) is launching a campaign to establish March 14 as Black Midwives Day.

A nationally recognized Black Midwives Day venerates the work and contributions of past and present birth attendants who have served to usher in new life despite a history fraught with persecution, enslavement, violence, racism and the systematic erasure of community Black midwives throughout the 20th century.