Reproductive Rights News Roundup – November 10th 2023


Ohio vote puts abortion-access ballot effort in Florida under a new spotlight
By Romy Ellenbogen
Tampa Bay Times
With abortion access winning big in Tuesday’s elections across the U.S., some in Florida feel renewed hope about how the issue could drive voters to the ballot box in 2024.

On the heels of abortion rights victories in the US, will Floridians get to vote on the issue in 2024?
By Cindy Krischer Goodman
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Abortion access won big in Tuesday’s election in Ohio — and now the spotlight may be on whether Floridians will have the same opportunity to choose if they want to protect abortion rights in their state constitution.

Ohio votes to protect abortion access — will Florida be next?
By McKenna Schueler
Orlando Weekly
Abortion rights groups in Florida are celebrating a resounding show of support by Ohio voters to establish their right to abortion, and hope that Florida could be next during next year’s elections.

After abortion rights win at Ohio ballot box, fight could move to Florida next year
By Christina Vazquez
WPLG Miami
Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, advocates have turned their eyes toward Florida as a potential foothold for abortion rights in the Southeast.

What abortion rights victories mean for Florida
By Kathryn Varn
Abortion rights won big in Tuesday’s elections, Axios’ Caitlin Owens and Stef W. Kight report. Florida abortion rights advocates are optimistic the trend could continue here — if the issue makes it onto next year’s ballot…What they’re saying: “Ohioans just demonstrated that they don’t support politicians interfering in their private medical decisions, and Floridians are even more bold in their opposition to government interference in our private lives,” campaign director Lauren Brenzel said in a statement. Spokesman Damien Filer told Axios the group saw a bump in donations Wednesday but didn’t provide specifics.

Anti-abortion group pushes back after DeSantis faulted movement for Ohio defeat
By Steve Contorno and Arit John
A leading anti-abortion group is pushing back a day after Gov. Ron DeSantis accused the movement of getting caught “flat-footed” in the latest electoral fight over access to the procedure.

FL Democratic chair Fried doubts Florida Supreme Court’s fairness on abortion initiative
By Michael Moline
Florida Phoenix
Florida Democratic Party chair Nikki Fried questioned Friday whether the Florida Supreme Court can be trusted to fairly decide whether a ballot initiative to protect abortion rights can go on the 2024 General Election ballot.

Florida abortion petition faces challenges over vague language (video)
By Treasure Roberts
WKMG Orlando
Petition collection is not the only hurdle the campaign has to get past. It also must get its ballot language approved by the Florida Supreme Court. The state requires that ballot language must include a single issue, and can’t be misleading.

After Ohio win, abortion rights advocates gear up for 2024 ballot fights
By Joseph Ax
After a victory on Tuesday in Ohio, where voters enshrined abortion rights into the state constitution, abortion access advocates are turning their attention to 2024.

How Republican Courts Could Sabotage the Ohio Abortion Vote and Future Ballot Measures
By Mary Ziegler
After Ohio voted to enshrine reproductive care access in the state’s constitution on Tuesday, abortion rights supporters are now a perfect 7-for-7 in ballot initiative fights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year

In the South, looming uncertainty threatens the limited abortion access that remains
By Deidre McPhillips
Amy Hagstrom Miller probably knows US geography better than most.

Women shouldn’t die during pregnancy. In Florida, too many still do.
Palm Beach Post
In an ideal world, mothers shouldn’t die from pregnancies. Unfortunately, the world Florida is a part of experiences far too many incidents of maternal mortality, according to a World Population Review ranking of states.


Ohio voters pass Issue 1 constitutional amendment to protect abortion and reproductive rights
By Susan Tebben and Nick Evans
States Newsroom
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Ohio voters passed the Issue 1 constitutional amendment to protect abortion and reproductive rights Tuesday. The Associated Press called the election over Issue 1 shortly after 9 p.m.

After Ohio vote, advocates in a dozen states are trying to put abortion on 2024 ballots
By Geoff Mulvihill
Associated Press
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After Ohio voters on Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment protecting the right to abortion and other forms of reproductive healthcare, advocates on both sides of the issue are looking at how they can get support on 2024 ballots in at least a dozen states.

Election results point to major GOP liability on abortion heading into 2024
By Adam Edelman
NBC News
Abortion rights keep winning and winning at the ballot box — and on Tuesday, winning some more.

Republicans can’t sugarcoat their losses on abortion rights anymore
By Rachel M. Cohen
Even before Tuesday’s elections, many progressives insisted the question of whether protecting abortion rights wins elections was already asked and answered.

Abortion-rights victories cement 2024 playbook while opponents scramble for new strategy
By Sofia Resnick
States Newsroom
Anti-abortion leaders woke up Wednesday to the sobering reality that abortion rights remain the nation’s predominant political issue.

Self-Managed Abortion Usually Isn’t Illegal—but Many Were Criminalized Anyway
By Jessica Mason Pieklo
Self-managed abortion isn’t a crime in most states, but a new report released this week by If/When/How details the very real threat of prosecution for ending a pregnancy or helping someone to do so.