Reproductive Rights News Roundup – December 21st 2023


Sponsors of abortion-rights initiative claim 1.4 million signatures, though their work is not done

By Romy Ellenbogen, Florida  Phoenix
Sponsors of the proposed abortion-rights state constitutional amendment have collected over a million signatures.
By Joseph Contreras, The Guardian
More than 150,000 Republicans among 1.3m signatures collected for plan to put constitutional amendment to voters next year
By Cindy Krischer Goodman, Sun Sentinel
Supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment to ensure abortion rights in Florida are targeting Broward County to get enough petition signatures to get on the 2024 ballot.
By Margaret “Peggy” Primeau, Citrus County Chronicle
Did you know that voters in Florida have a superpower? They can directly propose amendments to the Florida Constitution that will appear on the ballot for all voters to have a say.
By Jordan Bowen, FOX 13
“When we talk about a six-week abortion ban potentially going into effect here, it will impact every person who needs access to care,” said Lauren Brenzel.
By Alice Miranda Ollstein and Megan Messerly, Politico
Progressives are bracing for an array of tactics from conservatives to prevent abortion-related measures from being voted on in November, and say the opposition campaigns prove that abortion rights remain so popular that they can only be defeated through subterfuge.
By Amy B Wang and Leigh Ann Caldwell, The Washington Post
Since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last June, every ballot measure that has sought to preserve or expand abortion access has been successful.
By Maria Sole Campinoti, Holly Yan and Zenebou Sylla, CNN
“Ms. Watts suffered a tragic and dangerous miscarriage that jeopardized her own life. Rather than focusing on healing physically and emotionally, she was arrested and charged with a felony.”
By Jennifer Vanasco, NPR
A quarter of the abortion plotlines this year depicted the “logistical, financial, and legal barriers” to abortion access.
By Kimya Forouzan & Isabel Guarnieri
Eighty abortion restrictions were enacted in 2023, and in combination with bans enacted in 2022, have resulted in access to care being restricted for millions of people.