Reproductive Rights News Roundup – February 16th 2024


Abortion-rights advocates slam bill establishing personhood at conception in wrongful death suits
By Jackie Llanos
Florida Phoenix
Abortion-rights advocates say the definition of “unborn child” in a wrongful death bill moving through the Florida Legislature could interfere with the effort to enshrine access to the procedure in the state constitution.

ACLU: The next assaults on access to reproductive health care
By Kara Gross
Tallahassee Democrat
This current Florida legislature continues its all-out attack on reproductive freedom and access to abortion care.

Episode 77: Republicans Speak Up About Abortion Rights
By Dara Kam
News Service of Florida
Former state Rep. Carlos Lacasa, a Republican, and fellow GOP’er Carol Whitmore, who served on the Manatee County Commission, join the podcast this week to discuss their work with the Florida Women’s Freedom Coalition and why they – and other Republicans – support a proposed constitutional amendment that would protect abortion rights in Florida.

Florida GOP embraces anti-abortion stand
By Kimberly Leonard
The Republican Party of Florida has decided not to hide from the abortion issue.

Listen to the oral arguments at the Florida Supreme Court over Amendment 4 on abortion rights
By Sean Kinane
WMNF Tampa Bay
On Feb. 7, the Florida Supreme Court heard oral arguments about a proposed constitutional amendment regarding abortion rights. If the State Supreme Court allows the issue on the ballot it will be Amendment 4.

Unjust attacks on reproductive rights undermine traditional Republican values
By Carlos Lacasa
South Florida Sun Sentinel
As a lifelong Republican and a believer in the fundamental values of limited government intrusion and individual privacy, the recent course taken by my party in implementing severe abortion bans is a stark departure from the principles I hold dear.

When did our private health care decisions start to belong to the government?
By Katie Rhodes
Fort Myers News-Press
When asked why I advocate for legal and safe access to abortion, I often find myself pausing to think of my response.

Denied Abortion: Florida Woman Anya Cook Miscarries in Hair Salon Bathroom
By Kiara Manning
An avoidable tragedy. What is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life turned into a nightmare.

Mental health emerges as a dividing line in abortion initiatives planned for state ballots
Staff Report
Associated Press
The weeks after Kaniya Harris found out she was pregnant were among the hardest in her life.

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Keep Exposing Republican Supreme Court Justices As Bad Liars
By Madiba K. Dennie
Balls and Strikes
When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, rescinding the constitutional right to abortion care after nearly fifty years, the five justices in the majority insisted that their motives were noble.


Florida abortion amendment faces arguments in state Supreme Court
Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director for Floridians Protecting Freedom, joins Katie Phang to discuss the ballot amendment that could enshrine abortion access in the state constitution.

Anti-abortion centers raked in $1.4bn in year Roe fell, including federal money
By Carter Sherman
The Guardian
Anti-abortion facilities raked in at least $1.4bn in revenue in the 2022 fiscal year, the year Roe v Wade fell – a staggering haul that includes at least $344m in government money, according to a memo analyzing the centers’ tax documents that was compiled by a pro-abortion rights group and shared exclusively with the Guardian.

For some pregnant patients, unregulated anti-abortion centers are the only affordable option
By Shefali Luthra
The 19th
Savannah McNally was 24 years old, and in the middle of a divorce, trying to sell her house, wrapping up her service in the Navy and figuring out a way to finish college. She was also pregnant.

Trump Killed Abortion Rights. But Voters Still Don’t Blame Him.
By Julianne McShane
Mother Jones
Despite Trump appointing three of the Supreme Court justices that were part of the majority that overturned the constitutional right to abortion established in Roe v. Wade, most voters don’t hold him responsible for rising abortion restrictions nationwide, according to the results of a new poll released Monday.

‘A woman’s health matters’: Abortion access allowed New Hampshire woman to become a mom
By Kelcie Moseley-Morris
States Newsroom
Amanda D’Angelo only had a few weeks to get used to the idea that she was going to be a twin mom, before her eight-week scan revealed one had died.

Local Reproductive Freedom Index 2023
Staff Report
National Institute for Reproductive Health
The Local Reproductive Freedom Index (LRFI) is the National Institute for Reproductive Health’s (NIRH) biennial report that analyzes intersecting policies that shape reproductive freedom landscapes — either directly or indirectly — in 50 cities and counties in the US.