April 13th: Rally to End the Six-Week Abortion Ban

Floridians from across the state are set to convene in Orlando on Saturday, April 13th for a massive campaign for abortion access.

Florida extremist politicians have made it clear: they won’t stop until they’ve banned abortion entirely. We’re already seeing the devastating impacts of the 15-week abortion ban and soon, Floridians could be subjected to a 6-week ban. This has to stop. That’s why we’re supporting Yes on 4, an amendment to get politicians out of our personal health care decisions.

The road ahead to the November election won’t be easy, but this is our best shot to get power back in the hands of voters where it belongs, not with politicians.

Join advocates from across the state for the official Yes on 4 Campaign Launch hosted at Lake Eola in Orlando on Saturday, April 13th from 12:00pm-2:00pm.

The actions we take right now will determine the fate of Floridians for years to come. 

We need to send a message that’s impossible to ignore, so wherever is home for you in Florida, we’re calling on you to join us in Orlando on April 13th for this historic moment in the fight for abortion access.

Click here to determine if a bus/rideshare will be traveling from your town. (More locations continue to be added)

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