Reproductive Rights News Roundup – June 7th 2024


Judge orders state economists to rewrite financial info on abortion rights amendment
By Jackie Llanos, Florida Phoenix
State economists will have to rewrite their estimate of the financial implications of the abortion-rights amendment that will be on the ballot in November.

Fox News poll: Pot, reproductive rights more popular than Ron DeSantis
By A.G. Gancarski, Florida Politics
Excerpt: The abortion amendment, which would stop the state from being able to restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health, is at 69% support. And it’s even above water with Republicans, with 50% saying they support it and 45% saying no.

Circuit court Judge orders state economists to draw up new fiscal impact for abortion rights amendment
By Christine Jordan Sexton, Florida Politics
A Florida circuit court Judge is giving state economists up to 15 days to come up with a new description for the abortion access amendment that will be on the November ballot.

Inside the First Month of Florida’s Abortion Ban
By Samuel Larreal, Teen Vogue
When Trenece Robertson got her positive pregnancy test in the spring of 2019, she was visiting Florida with her partner at the time.

Woman says she battles trauma, depression 1 year after not receiving abortion care under Florida law
By Katie Kindelan, ABC News
Deborah Dorbert knew it would be excruciating, both emotionally and physically, to carry to term and deliver a baby doctors told her would only live a few minutes, at most.

1 month into Florida’s 6-week abortion law, what do abortion clinics look like?
By Brooke Chau, WPTV West Palm Beach
On May 1, Florida’s six-week abortion ban took effect. That was nearly 30 days ago.

Joe Biden campaign blames Donald Trump for Florida abortion law
By A.G. Gancarski, Florida Politics
Florida’s Heartbeat Protection Act, which bans termination of pregnancies after the six week mark with limited exceptions, has been in effect for one month.

Sarasota County defunds child care program after cutting United Way ties over abortion
By Anne Geggis, Florida Politics
On the heels of cutting ties with the United Way because its helpline includes Planned Parenthood, the Sarasota County Commission defunded the county’s only child care nonprofit qualified to get state funds that help the working poor.

Medical Experts Outraged by Florida’s New, First-in-the-Nation C-Section Law
By Kylie Cheung, Jezebel
Last week, Florida became the first state in the nation to allow C-sections to be performed outside of hospitals.

Is allowing C-sections outside of hospitals more risk than reward?
By Phil Galewitz, KFF Health News
Florida has become the first state to allow doctors to perform cesarean sections outside of hospitals, siding with a private equity-owned physicians group that says the change will lower costs and give pregnant women the homier birthing atmosphere that many desire.


Conservative attacks on birth control could threaten access
By Lauren Weber, Washington Post
Far-right conservatives are sowing misinformation that inaccurately characterizes IUDs, emergency contraception, even birth-control pills as causing abortions

U.S. Senate GOP prevents contraception access bill from moving ahead
By Jennifer Shutt, Florida Phoenix
An attempt to reinforce Americans’ access to contraception failed Wednesday when U.S. Senate Republicans blocked a bill from advancing toward final passage.

The Supreme Court is poised to take one of Biden’s few tools on abortion access
By Alice Miranda Ollstein and Megan Messerly, Politico
The Biden administration has tried with mixed success to use a federal law to preserve abortion access in medical emergencies. The Supreme Court this month could make that work much harder.

States are already collecting more abortion data. And HIPAA won’t always keep it private.
By Kelcie Moseley-Morris, Florida Phoenix
Years before the Dobbs decision, providers like Dr. Kylie Cooper were already uncomfortable with some of the reporting requirements for abortion procedures in states where they practiced.

The newest election battlefield for abortion: State supreme courts
Staff Report, Tribune News Service
As presidential candidates and state legislators campaign over the future of abortion in America, elections for the third branch of government have largely escaped scrutiny on the issue.

Doctors Warn of Grave Consequences Without EMTALA
By Susan Buttenwieser, Rewire
Can states prevent hospitals from providing emergency abortion care to patients experiencing severe pregnancy complications?

Letters to the editor

Vote yes on Amendment 4
By Kathleen Callard, RNBS, North Fort Myers
Fort Myers News-Press
My granddaughters now have fewer health care options than I had.,,I was relieved that in 1973 when we had the Roe v Wade rule (7-2) that unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion was unconstitutional. Vote YES on Amendment 4 in November.

YES on Amendment 4
By Patricia Howard, Naples, Fort Myers News-Press
Last year the Florida Legislature earmarked $25 million for Pregnancy Crisis Centers…The Sunshine State has pulled the shades on taxpayer access to how the money is being used and whether these clinics deliver the care they advertise. The clinics are set up to divert women’s access to comprehensive health care that is factual, unbiased, caring and may include abortion. We all deserve better. Stop the drive to limit women’s health care by voting YES on Amendment 4.

Support families by voting yes on Amendment 4
By Kathy Schmitz, Orlando Sentinel
“We have to preserve our democracy daily and actively if we are to preserve our family life.” These words were true when spoken 85 years ago and they are true today.

Legislating abortion
Benita Staadecker, Naples
Fort Myers News-Press
For all of you who thought that rescinding Roe v. Wade would put an end to abortion, you were so very wrong. The only thing it ended was the ability to get a safe abortion.