Reproductive Rights News Roundup – July 5th 2024


Abortion rights groups argue Florida is trying to throw up barriers to amendment
By Arek Sarkissian, Politico
Abortion-rights groups in Florida are locked in a battle with the state over the cost for a ballot measure that would overturn the state’s six-week ban.

Florida panel takes another look at abortion amendment’s ‘financial impact statement’
By Jim Saunders, News Service of Florida
A state panel Monday waded back into questions about possible financial effects of a proposed constitutional amendment on abortion rights, with amendment opponents warning the measure would lead to costly litigation if it passes in November.

Panel seems poised to decide abortion amendment would lead to costly litigation
By Jackie Llanos, Florida Phoenix
Gov. Ron DeSantis’ appointee to a state panel in charge of estimating the financial implications of the abortion-rights amendment that will be on the ballot in November is pushing the group to conclude that Florida would have to pay for potential litigation, which he said could run into millions.

ACLU questions panelists appointed to assess costs of Florida abortion ballot measure
By Arek Sarkissian, Politico
The Financial Impact Estimating Conference ended its Monday meeting undecided on how to address the cost of a ballot initiative that seeks to abolish Florida’s recently tightened abortion restrictions.

After US Supreme Court decision, Florida issues more rules around emergency abortion care
By Cindy Krischer Goodman, South Florida Sun Sentinel
Hours after a U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding emergency abortion care, Florida health regulators issued new rules with little fanfare late Thursday to clarify how medical providers should respond to pregnant women with complications that put them in peril.

Abortion rights advocates argue women need access to health care in post-Roe v. Wade era
By Gabrielle Russon, Florida Politics
Abortion rights advocates gathered for a virtual press conference supporting the November abortion rights initiative to mark the two-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

Bait and switch? Vote No On 4 debuts ad campaign combatting ‘extreme’ abortion amendment
By Jacob Ogles, Florida Politics
The campaign against an amendment decriminalizing abortion today launched ads and websites trying to reach English– and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Ron DeSantis’ Florida ‘Freedom Fund’ off to slow fundraising start
By A.G. Gancarski, Florida Politics
Gov. Ron DeSantis believes that statewide races in Florida will largely be lopsided, so he’s said he wants to focus on killing Constitutional amendments legalizing cannabis and restoring reproductive rights abridged in recent years by the Legislature.

These Men Are on the Front Lines of the Abortion-Rights Movement
By Scott Calvert, Wall Street Journal
A push to boost the ranks of men fighting for abortion rights picked up a fresh recruit in a driveway here the other day, some four months before Florida voters will decide whether to add abortion rights to their constitution and effectively scrap the state’s six-week ban.


Inside Project 2025’s attack on reproductive rights
Staff Report, Media Matters for America
Organizations involved in Project 2025 — a broad effort from more than 100 groups within the conservative movement to provide staffing and policy positions to a second Donald Trump administration — have advocated for extreme rollbacks to reproductive rights and access to healthcare.

In wake of Supreme Court ruling, Biden administration tells doctors to provide emergency abortions
By Amanda Seitz, Associated Press
The Biden administration told emergency room doctors they must perform emergency abortions when necessary to save a pregnant woman’s health, following last week’s Supreme Court ruling that failed to settle a legal dispute over whether state abortion bans override a federal law requiring hospitals to provide stabilizing treatment.

‘A battle to the death’: The next abortion cases en route to the Supreme Court
By Alice Miranda Ollstein, Politico
The Supreme Court’s decision to sidestep key legal questions in its abortion decisions this term sets up another showdown as early as next year.

Which states could have abortion on the ballot in 2024?
By Geoff Mulvihill and Kimberlee Kruesi, Associated Press
With Friday’s announcement in Nevada that voters will decide a ballot question in November on enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution, five states now have abortion questions set for referendums this year. And more could join them.

Abortion Bans Are Also Terrible for Babies
By Nina Martin, Mother Jones
In many ways, the end of Roe v Wade didn’t happen when the US Supreme Court issued its decision to overrule Roe in the Dobbs case in June 2022.

Abortion surveillance isn’t new but monitoring has increased post Dobbs, activists say
By Sofia Resnick, States Newsroom
Abortion surveillance is something former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has said is up to states.

Letters to the Editor

Vote for Amendment 4
Janet Hoffman, Naples Daily
Excerpt: With Florida’s abortion ban, mothers who want to have a baby, but have pregnancy complications are often unable to receive the medical care that is needed. Doctors cannot always provide treatment to the mother until the condition is so severe that her life is at risk.