Reproductive Rights News Roundup – 7/26/2019

HHS Awards Nearly $1.5 Million in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Funding to Anti-Choice Organizations
By Sony Salzman
The Trump administration last week awarded nearly $1.5 million in teen pregnancy prevention funding to three anti-choice organizations, including anti-abortion clinic networks that critics say have a history of misrepresenting sexual health information.

Administration pauses enforcement of abortion restriction
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
Associated Press
The Trump administration is giving taxpayer-funded family planning clinics more time to comply with its new rule that says they no longer can refer women for abortions.

How Trump’s Title X Gag Rule Will Harm Patients, According To Physicians & Clinic Workers
By Jo Yurcaba
The Trump administration announced on July 15 that it would enforce the so-called domestic “gag rule.”

On the frontline: 12 hours in a besieged abortion clinic
By Vegas Tenold and Glenna Gordon
The Guardian
Rachel hunches down in the seat of a Chevrolet rental, adjusting her disguise in the mirror.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: The Story of My Abortion
By Pramila Jayapal
New York Times
I call my child a miracle. Born unexpectedly in India at 26.5 weeks, shortly before I was due to come back to the United States, and weighing only 1 pound 14 ounces, Janak survived against all odds.

Why this law could be a bigger threat to Roe v. Wade than near-total abortion bans
By Anna North
Near-total bans on abortion in Alabama and elsewhere around the country have gotten a lot of coverage in recent months.

Telemedicine Abortion Is Safe, No Matter What Anti-Choice Lawmakers Claim
By Auditi Guha
Telemedicine abortion improves health equity and is a reliable option for patients who can’t easily get to a clinic, even as Republican legislators in some states have banned the use of telemedicine for medication abortion care.

Immigrants are skipping reproductive health care because they’re afraid of being deported
By Anna North
When Alejandra Pablos found out she was pregnant, she was in the middle of a legal battle to stay in this country.

With no health coverage, too many Floridians risk their lives
By Christopher R. Cogle and Kayser Enneking
Gainesville Sun
Early one morning, my surgical team prepped a sterile procedure room and anxiously waited to receive a patient for emergency kidney stone removal. Studying her test results, we saw an infection fermenting behind the stone.

A family leave compromise worth a look?
By Jim Sutton
St. Augustine Record
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an important piece of legislation, meant to help workers take needed time to have kids, take care of sick family members or take medical leave themselves.