Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Controversial Parental Consent Abortion Bill Teed Up In Florida Senate
Staff Report
News Service of Florida
With the House already moving quickly on the controversial issue, a Senate committee next week will take up a bill that would require minors to get consent from their parents before having abortions.

Florida bill bans abortions based on Down syndrome diagnosis
Staff Report
Florida Sen. John Gruter in Sarasota has filed a bill in Tallahassee to ban the choice of mothers looking to have abortions based on a Down syndrome diagnosis given to a fetus.

Joe Gruters wants to stop abortions of babies with Down syndrome
By Jacob Ogles
Florida Politics
Experts say the vast majority of expectant mothers who learn a child may be born with Down syndrome abort the pregnancies. State Sen. Joe Gruters wants that to stop.

Will Abortion Be a Top Issue In Florida in 2020?
By Ed Dean
Florida Daily
In May, Florida Democrats were saying that the Sunshine State could be “ground zero” on abortion for the 2020 election after neighboring states Alabama and Georgia passed restrictions to it.

Young doctors find a calling on abortion’s front lines
By Claire McNeill
Tampa Bay Times
Mimosas go for $2 to doctors, so early on a hot August Friday, the booths at Daily Eats filled with wired residents in powder blue scrubs, some double-fisting coffee after a long week of nights on labor and delivery.

Self-Managed Abortion May Be On The Rise, But Probably Not A Significant Driver Of The Overall Decline In Abortion
By Rachel K. Jones and Megan K. Donovan
Guttmacher Institute
The U.S. abortion landscape is changing rapidly. Large swaths of the country are enacting ever more extreme abortion restrictions, while a number of states are racing to protect or even expand access.

These cities are standing up for reproductive rights in the age of Trump
By Annalisa Merelli and Daniel Wolfe
Since assuming office, US president Donald Trump has moved quickly to curtail reproductive rights.

Judge strikes down new Trump rule on religious objections
By Larry Neumeister
Associated Press
A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a new Trump administration rule that could open the way for more health care workers to refuse to participate in abortions or other procedures on moral or religious grounds.