Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Florida Democrats delay vote on bill requiring parental consent for abortions
By Elizabeth Koh
Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau
Democratic lawmakers on a Florida Senate committee ran out the clock Tuesday on a bill that would require parental consent for abortions, slowing — though not stopping — lawmakers from taking up the controversial proposal during next year’s legislative session…Supporters say that the bill is meant to strengthen families and ensure those decisions include parents or guardians. But opponents have argued that the bill is instead meant to weaken minors’ access to abortions and is a “Trojan horse” meant to put the issue of abortion back before a more conservative state Supreme Court.

Key vote on abortion bill delayed as Democrats, activists fear court fight
By Gray Rohrer
Orlando Sentinel
Senate Democrats on Tuesday managed to delay a key vote on a bill requiring parental consent for minors seeking an abortion, a measure abortion rights activists believe is a “Trojan horse” to overturn Florida’s broad protections for abortion rights.

Democrats, students delay parental consent abortion bill in Florida Senate, but it will be back
By James Call
Tallahassee Democrat
While Republicans at the state Capitol have placed a parental consent abortion bill on a fast track, a contingent of Florida State and Florida A&M students and Democratic lawmakers derailed the plan – at least for a month.

Orlando state Rep. Anna Eskamani seeks to repeal Florida’s anti-abortion laws
By Solomon Gustavo
Orlando Weekly
Though abortion is a right protected by the U.S. Supreme Court, Florida state lawmakers have tried for years to make getting one as difficult as possible.

Don’t limit abortion rights
Tampa Bay Times
Abortion rights are at serious risk again in Florida.

Lake lawmakers offer mostly inconsequential or kook bills
By Lauren Ritchie
Orlando Sentinel
Excerpt: State Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, who last year babbled when asked to explain millions in tax breaks to Disney and other big tourism companies, is offering useless nonsense in four bills, including one to require a parent’s consent for an abortion. If it passes, that tired challenge to Florida’s law allowing minors to obtain abortions without consent likely will be slapped down by the courts, as it has been over and over during the last 35 years.

The Trump Administration Is Giving Family Planning Funds to a Network of Anti-Abortion Clinics
By Stephanie Mencimer
Mother Jones
When I walked into the Obria clinic in Whittier, California, one evening in July, a woman in a modest floral-­print dress organizing bundles of diapers in a back room greeted me hopefully.

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Make ‘Calculated Push’ to Restrict Medication Abortion
By Casey Quinlan
U.S. Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) introduced a bill last month that would impede access to medication abortion through telemedicine and punish health-care providers with heavy fines and possible prison time.

Planned Parenthood Launches Online Tool as Restrictions Come ‘Fast and Furious’
By Lena Wilson
New York Times
As lawmakers across the country began debating and then passing a flurry of anti-abortion measures this past spring, Planned Parenthood took note of a spike in searches on both its website and online for the phrase “abortion near me.”

Baby Survival Rates Improved in States With Affordable Care Act, Data Shows
By Melissa Matthews
The Affordable Care Act has been a constant topic of debate since being passed In March 2010, and a new report is sure to spur new debate.