Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Senate committee to renew debate over parental-consent abortion bill
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Florida Phoenix
After the first attempt to pass the bill stalled, a Florida Senate committee will again consider a measure next week requiring teenage girls to have parental permission before undergoing an abortion.

Florida Senate panel poised to revisit parental consent
Staff Report
News Service of Florida
After running out of time during a meeting last month, the Senate Health Policy Committee next week will again take up a controversial proposal that would require parental consent before minors could have abortions.

How I Won a Florida Swing Seat as a Proud Abortion-Rights Supporter
By Anna Eskamani
The Nation
I was sitting in the back of a cab in Washington, DC, when the driver asked me about my day job.

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Florida’s Supreme Court is more conservative than ever. Here’s what it could do.
By Steve Contorno
Tampa Bay Times
Excerpt: Abortion. In 1989, the state Supreme Court struck down an attempt to make minors get parental consent for abortions. Thirty years later, abortion foes are hopeful a more conservative court will chip away at legal abortion. So they’re trying again. It failed last year. This year, it’s gaining momentum. Here’s what we know.

FAMU and FSU unite under Planned Parenthood to fight for abortion rights
By Amberly Tran
Assembling around pizza and phone scripts, volunteers as well as FSU and FAMU Generation Action (a collegiate Planned Parenthood affiliate) attended Planned Parenthood’s messaging event on Nov. 21.

Hundreds protest new Planned Parenthood in Port St. Lucie
By Meghan McRoberts
WPTV West Palm Beach
Nearly 200 pro-life advocates in Port St. Lucie packed a Port St. Lucie commission meeting Monday night.

Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Florida. Babies are at risk, too
By Katie Powers
Bradenton Herald
There is some alarming news I need to share with you. If you have a healthcare license in the state of Florida, you already know the news.

Experts Say Florida’s HIV Epidemic is Fueled By Stigma, Lack of Access to Care
By Denise Royal
WJCT Jacksonville
Stigma, poverty, immigration issues and access to care are among the main causes to blame for Florida’s high rates of HIV and AIDS.

The one-minute HIV test has come to Florida, and people are taking it
By Justine Griffin
Tampa Bay Times
Knowing your status takes only a minute now. Literally.

Congress and the Trump Administration Must Support the International Violence Against Women Act
By Zara Ahmed
Guttmacher Institute
On November 25, 2019, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) reintroduced the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), alongside 112 original cosponsors.

Mike Hill and Dennis Baxley: Poster children for today’s lack of political accountability
Orlando Sentinel
Excerpt: Meanwhile, over in the Legislature’s other chamber, we were curious back in June whether Senate President Bill Galvano would do anything about state Sen. Dennis Baxley. In two interviews, the Ocala Republican channeled his inner Steve King by wringing his hands over abortion’s role in lowering birth rates in Europe amid increasing immigration.