Reproductive Rights News Roundup

The Supreme Court Might Be About to Make It Nearly Impossible to Stop Anti-Abortion Laws
By Carter Sherman
The Supreme Court is expecting to rule in the coming weeks on the biggest abortion case of the Trump era.

They’re Doctors. They’re Also Incredibly Effective—and Dangerous—Anti-Abortion Activists.
By Marisa Endicott
Mother Jones
In April 2019, when meetings like this still took place, Diane Foley took the stage in Indianapolis, looking out into the faces of anti-choice advocates and doctors who were gathered for their annual conference.

As the FDA Continues to Restrict Remote Abortion Access, Doctors Are Fighting Back
By Erin Heger
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over its refusal to loosen outdated restrictions on medication abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appeals court affirms rejection of Kentucky abortion law
Staff Report
Associated Press
A federal appeals court has agreed with a lower court that a Kentucky law seeking to ban a common second trimester abortion procedure is illegal.

DeSantis has the dream Supreme Court Republicans have always wanted
By Steve Contorno
Tampa Bay Times
Excerpt: Gov. Ron DeSantis is turning the state’s high court over to Gen X. His previous appointees were all born in the same era. And in tapping lawyers with the prime of their legal careers ahead of them, DeSantis has all but guaranteed that a generation of legal precedent will be forged by justices put in place by Republicans. It’s a reality that distresses Democrats and delights Republicans, who nevertheless agree that the reverberations of this younger, more conservative court will be far-reaching. Abortion, redistricting, public education, voting rights — this court, shaped more by DeSantis than any of his predecessors, will likely tackle all of it.

Lawmakers get A through F grades — from a progressive point of view — and many GOP members flunked
By Danielle J. Brown
Florida Phoenix
Excerpt: The analysis factors in major floor votes in the 2020 legislative session, around issues including a parental consent for abortion bill, vouchers for kids to go to private schools and other measures.

Jupiter officials will take another look at paid parental leave
By Sam Howard
Palm Beach Post
Nearly four years after a proposal fizzled out to offer paid parental leave for town employees, Jupiter’s vice mayor is restarting talks to implement a similar plan.