Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Florida poised to require parental consent for youth abortions
by A.G. Gancarski
Florida Politics
A law overturned in 1989 is back.

Will the Supreme Court Strike a Devastating Blow to Abortion Rights?
By Caitlin Moscatello
New York Magazine, The Cut
How the Court will ultimately come down on June Medical is unclear, but the Court is expected to render its decision shortly.

Study Examines The Lasting Effects Of Having — Or Being Denied — An Abortion
hosted by Terry Gross
NPR, Fresh Air
In The Turnaway Study, Diana Greene Foster shares research conducted over 10 years with about 1,000 women who had or were denied abortions, tracking impacts on mental, physical and economic health.

Tennessee legislature passes fetal heartbeat bill, ban on abortions for Down syndrome
by Natalie Allison
Nashville Tennessean
A wide-ranging abortion restriction bill, once believed to be scrapped for the year, will now become law in Tennessee.

Secret Emails Expose Anti-Abortion Groups’ Influence on Public Health Official
by Violet Rawlings
Ms. Magazine
The emails, obtained through FOIA litigation, reveal that since obtaining her leadership position at HHS, Foley has maintained communication with anti-abortion groups, awarded funding for fake crisis pregnancy clinics (instead of actual reproductive health care providers), and undermined the availability of affordable birth control.

In a Pandemic, Birth Control Is Out of Reach for Many Young People
by Maya Eashwaran
“Those who were most marginalized before this are being hit the hardest now.”

Consumer Group Urges FDA to Crack Down on Unapproved ‘Abortion Reversal’ ProcedureBy Stephanie Russell-Kraft
Fair Warning
A consumer watchdog group is asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to shut down a group of websites advertising a so-called abortion pill reversal, a potentially dangerous treatment that is not FDA-approved.

What LGBTQ-Positive Sex Ed Should Look Like
by Cassandra Corrado
Sex education should give students the tools to take ownership of their lives and bodies so that they can feel empowered. And that includes LGBTQ students.

Coronavirus Created an Obstacle Course for Safe Abortions
By Matina Stevis-Gridneff, Alisha Haridasani Gupta and Monika Pronczuk
New York Times
But during the pandemic, a few countries liberalized their requirements, allowing at-home medical terminations.

Starting a Family Costs More for Queer People Like Me
by Taneasha White
Within the pro-choice movement, we often end up focusing on abortion and contraception, and we leave out those facing a different sort of barrier: infertility for LGBTQ people.