Reproductive Rights News Roundup

The Dismantling Of Abortion Rights Has Already Begun
By Melissa Jeltsen
Huffington Post
Earlier this summer, reproductive rights groups breathed a collective sigh of relief when Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the Supreme Court’s liberal justices to find that a Louisiana law that would have left the state with a single abortion clinic was unconstitutional.

The Anti-Abortion-Rights Movement Prepares to Build a Post-Roe World
By Emma Green
The Atlantic
In most circles, abortion does not make for polite dinner-table conversation, especially if you happen to be running a billion-dollar global franchise.

Abortion, transgender rights likely to land back before Supreme Court
By Robert Barnes
Washington Post
The Supreme Court’s rulings from a momentous just-completed term already are altering the nation’s legal landscape, almost assuring that issues such as abortion and transgender rights will be returning to the high court.

Remember When People Thought the June Medical SCOTUS Ruling Was a Win for Abortion Rights? Think Again.
By Becca Andrews
Mother Jones
A court ruled on Friday that a strict abortion ban in Arkansas can move forward—and it used the recent Supreme Court decision regarding abortion rights, the one so many celebrated as a victory, to do it.

Georgia appeals ruling that blocked restrictive abortion law
By Kate Brumback
Associated Press
Georgia is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that permanently blocked the restrictive abortion measure lawmakers passed last year.

INSIGHT: It’s Time to Drop the Pretense About Abortion Restrictions
By Alice Chapman
On June 29, in June Medical Services v. Russo (JMS), the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that would have left the state with only one abortion provider. From the moment the court’s fractured decision came down, commentators began speculating and debating whether it signals a shift.

America is failing Black moms during the pandemic
By Anna North
Ashlee Paisley was about 23 weeks pregnant when her doctor told her that her iron levels were so low, she would need regular infusion treatments.

Eskamani seeks to oust fellow House Democrats that lack ‘basic Democratic values’
By Gray Rohrer
Orlando Sentinel
Excerpt: “These are all strong Democratic seats and yet the Democratic incumbents are choosing to not be Democrats,” Eskamani said. All three incumbents voted for SB 404, which requires girls to get the permission of a parent before they can obtain an abortion. They also voted for HB 7067, which expanded voucher programs that use tax credits to pay for scholarships to private schools. Those votes drew the ire of abortion rights groups and teachers unions, groups that traditionally back Democrats.

Supreme Court Decision on Birth Control Is a Threat to Women With Chronic Illness
By Jillian Goltzman
I’m in a relationship with my birth control, and, yes, it’s serious. I can confidently say hormonal birth control made me a healthier, more capable person—and my decision to take it had nothing to do with preventing pregnancy.