Reproductive Rights News Roundup

Republican lawmaker’s bill would protect Florida abortion clinics from COVID liability
By Kirby Wilson
Tampa Bay Times
Republican lawmakers don’t typically like to say abortion services are health care.

SC governor signs abortion ban; Planned Parenthood sues
By Jeffrey Collins
Associated Press
South Carolina’s governor on Thursday signed a bill banning most abortions, one of his top priorities since he took office more than four years ago.

More Than 200 Anti-Abortion Bills Have Piled Up In State Legislatures
By Lydia O’Connor
Huffington Post
The number of anti-abortion bills making their way through state legislatures has exceeded 200 this week as conservative lawmakers, emboldened by a conservative U.S. Supreme Court, take aim at enacting extreme laws limiting women’s reproductive health.

How A Knoxville Abortion Clinic Became A Target On Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade
By Melissa Jeltsen
Huffington Post
Whitney Maddox was waiting for an Uber in east Knoxville, Tennessee, one early Friday morning in January when he spotted a black sedan idling outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

There’s Reason for Hope for Global Abortion Access
By Jamie Manson
Those of us who struggle for reproductive rights were relieved late last month when President Joe Biden, like every recently sworn-in Democratic president since Bill Clinton, issued an executive action rescinding the global “gag rule.”

Just the Start: How the Biden-Harris Administration Must Build on Its Early Actions for Lasting Change
Staff Report
Guttmacher Institute
There was a flurry of activities in the first few weeks of the Biden-Harris administration.

I breastfed all 10 of my kids. Black moms need better nursing policies in the workplace
By Jacquelyn Steele
Tallahassee Democrat
I am a mother of 10 beautiful children — five boys and five girls — whose ages range from 19 years to 6 months. During my first pregnancy, it was important for me to make sure my baby was taken care of and nurtured.