Reproductive Rights News Roundup

FL Democratic leaders claim GOP plans further abortion restrictions in secret
By Danielle J. Brown
Florida Phoenix
Related: Lobbying group asks DeSantis to add more abortion restrictions to upcoming special session
Florida House and Senate Democratic leadership claim that Florida Republicans are keeping quiet on future plans to restrict abortion access even more than the state’s 15-week ban, according to a Zoom press conference Friday.

Democrats demand Gov. Ron DeSantis outline abortion plans, while he gets pressure to act
By John Kennedy
USA Today Network-Florida
Democratic leaders in the Florida House and Senate decried behind-the-scenes talks involving the Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration over how to proceed with stricter limits on abortion in Florida.

Florida governor debate: DeSantis defends abortion ban with false claims
By Martin Pengelly
The Guardian
In the sole debate of the Florida governor’s race, the Republican incumbent, Ron DeSantis, was put on the defensive by his Democratic challenger, Charlie Crist, on subjects including abortion and DeSantis’s presidential ambitions.

Abortion is Democrats’ top talking point as economy surges on voters’ priorities
By Stephany Matat and Antonio Fins
Palm Beach Post
In a roomful of political signage, Kathy Dwonszyk’s placard with a zinger aimed at Florida’s governor pointedly stood out: “Abort DeSantis.”

On abortion, the choice is ours
By Lori Berman
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans regarded their 15-week abortion ban as a “moderate” law at the time of its passage, despite it stripping millions of Floridians of a constitutional right held for half a century.

Can abortion save Democrats in midterms?
By Bill Cotterell
Tallahassee Democrat
With all the important numbers trending against them, and time running out, Florida Democrats are betting their whole 2022 campaign on abortion.

The 3 biggest lies Republicans use to avoid admitting they plan to ban abortion
By Amanda Marcotte
For decades now, Republicans have been running on an anti-abortion platform. Much to the dismay of feminists, it seems to have done little to discourage voters from turning out for them.

Kat Cammack goes head-to-head with challenger Danielle Hawk on abortion rights and more
By Andrew Caplan
Gainesville Sun
The candidates running for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District seat could not be any more different.

Challenger Threatens to Sue South Florida Congresswoman Over Abortion Ad
Staff Report
NBC 6 Miami
The man looking to unseat a South Florida congresswoman is threatening to sue over a television ad claiming he wants to ban abortions nationwide and prosecute doctors who perform them.

Poll: Miami-Dade voters overwhelmingly oppose full abortion ban, deporting Dreamers
By Jesse Scheckner
Florida Politics
When it comes to women’s reproductive rights and whether to deport so-called Dreamers, Miami-Dade County voters hold nuanced opinions regardless of political affiliation, new polling data shows.

In Florida, abortion and equal rights are top issues for young women voters
By Kathy Spillar
Florida Politics
Nationwide election surveys of voters continue to be reported as showing the economy is a top issue for all voters without much analysis on key audiences and the intensity of abortion and equal rights.

Ex-chief justice: Florida’s broad constitutional right to privacy should block abortion ban
By Noreen Marcus
Florida Bulldog
As the Florida Supreme Court waits for draconian abortion restrictions to reach its docket, lawyers are road-testing their arguments for and against the deeply divisive law.

Florida Constitution protects a person’s right to choose
By Adam Richardson
City & State
Earlier this year, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a ban on nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation.

Originalism or anti-abortion: Florida’s Supreme Court must choose
By James W. Fox Jr.
Tampa Bay Times
Originalism and the anti-abortion movement are on a collision course in Florida.

For retention of Hillsborough District Court of Appeals judges, abortion decision should be taken into account
By Ray Roa
Creative Loafing Tampa Bay
Judge John Stargel sided with now infamous Judge Jared Smith in an appeal over Smith’s decision to deny a teenager an abortion, in part, because of grades.

Low-wage workers bear financial brunt of denied abortions
By Anne D’innocenzio and Alexandra Olson
Associated Press
A Texas mother of a toddler, scraping by on her husband’s income, was desperate to return to work but struggling to afford child care.

Inside the Secret Fleet of Abortion Vans Meeting Patients Near Ban States
By Garnet Henderson
You’re having an abortion today—that much you know. The pregnancy is about 7 weeks along, and you’ve booked an appointment for a vacuum aspiration procedure.

Abortion Bans Collide With Red States’ Liberty, Autonomy Stands
By Ian Lopez
Conservative state efforts to block abortions are colliding with their own guarantees to liberty and privacy, in some cases paradoxically helping activists to fight off abortion restrictions across the US.

Is the Right to Birth Control Next on the Chopping Block?
By Thalia Charles
After the Supreme Court threw abortion access into turmoil when it overturned Roe v. Wade in June and conservatives signaled that birth control is one of their next targets, the U.S. government took two important steps toward contraceptive equity.

Herschel Walker faces abortion allegation from 2nd accuser
By Bill Barrow and Stefanie Dazio
Associated Press
A woman came forward Wednesday to accuse Herschel Walker, the anti-abortion Republican running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, of encouraging and paying for her 1993 abortion — an accusation that came just weeks after a former girlfriend said he did the same for her in 2009.

Georgia calls witnesses in defense of abortion law at trial
By Sudhin Thanawala
Associated Press
A judge determining whether to strike down Georgia’s abortion limits heard conflicting views Tuesday about how such restrictions affect doctors who care for pregnant women.

Abortion ruling means more and riskier births in Mississippi
By Michael Goldberg
Associated Press
In Mississippi, where health officials expect 5,000 more births each year as a result of the Supreme Court ruling upending abortion rights, children are more likely to die before their first birthday than in any other state.

Arizona agrees not to enforce total abortion ban until 2023
By Bob Christie
Associated Press
Arizona’s attorney general has agreed not to enforce a near total ban on abortions at least until next year, a move that Planned Parenthood Arizona credited Thursday with allowing the group to restart abortion care across the state.

Dr. Oz Says Abortion Should Be Between Women, Doctors And… Local Politicians
By Nick Visser
Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, said Tuesday that discussions about abortion access should be left to women, doctors and “local political leaders.”