Reproductive Rights News Roundup – September 15th 2023


DeSantis-packed court skeptical of Florida’s long-standing abortion protections
By Arek Sarkissian
The conservative majority on Florida’s Supreme Court on Friday expressed skepticism that long-standing abortion protections, enshrined in the state’s Constitution, were intended to safeguard the procedure.

FL Supreme Court hears arguments over the future of abortion in this state
By Michael Moline
Florida Phoenix
Chief Justice Carlos Muñiz questioned Friday whether the Florida Supreme Court should continue to recognize a privacy right to abortion in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s repudiation last summer of Roe v. Wade, which left the states free to enact their own restrictions on the procedure.

Outside the FL Supreme Court, abortion supporters and opponents clash
By Mitch Perry
Florida Phoenix
Security was tight outside of the Florida Supreme Court on Friday, before, during and after the seven justices heard oral arguments in Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida v. State of Florida, the legal challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban that went into effect in July of 2022.

Floridians’ health, lives depend on this crucial state Supreme Court ruling
By Frederick Southwick
Florida Politics
On Sept. 8, the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments in a case challenging the state’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

DeSantis’ Abortion Ban Could Wreak Havoc Across the Entire South, Not Just in Florida
By Tessa Stuart
Rolling Stone
On Friday morning, the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments in a case with enormous implications for women not only in the state of Florida, but across the entire South.

More people are traveling to Florida for abortion as six-week abortion ban looms
By McKenna Schueler
Orlando Weekly
With abortion care in the U.S. South nearly impossible to access legally due to statewide abortion bans, more out of state residents are traveling to Florida to get an abortion.

The abortion landscape has changed nationwide with state bans, uncertain future for Florida
By Stephany Matat
Palm Beach Post
As Florida’s Supreme Court hears a challenge to the 15-week abortion ban and a coalition pushes forward on a reproductive rights constitutional amendment, a study released recently points to a critical trend.

DeSantis contradicts own abortion law to claim woman will not be criminalized
By Ed Pilkington
The Guardian
Ron DeSantis has contradicted the wording of the six-week abortion ban that he himself signed into law in April, insisting that women who terminate their pregnancies will not be criminalized under the prohibition.

Ron DeSantis does not see a pathway for a national abortion ban
By A.G. Gancarski
Florida Politics
Gov. Ron DeSantis may have signed one of the harshest abortion laws in the country, but that doesn’t mean he believes he can “Make America Florida” when it comes to reproductive rights restrictions.

Florida groups push to get abortion rights into state’s constitution
By Steven Lemongello
Orlando Sentinel
Abortion rights groups are working to get a referendum on the 2024 ballot that would enshrine access to abortion in the Florida Constitution, a measure designed to sidestep Republican control of the issue in Tallahassee.

Faith group defies typical abortion battle lines, hopes to pass FL ballot measure protecting it
By Glenna Milberg
WPLG Miami
Florida lawmakers made many faith-based arguments when passing abortion restrictions over the past two years.

Florida’s privacy clause matters now more than ever
By Steve Bousquet
South Florida Sun Sentinel
So few words. So much controversy. The challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban is based on an express right to privacy and protection from government intrusion that is enshrined in the Florida Constitution.

Florida student newspaper refused to run abortion ad, concerned about obscure law
By Jimena Tavel, Sarah Blaskey, and Clara-Sophia Daly
Miami Herald
When the student newspaper at the University of Florida was asked this week to run an advertisement for mail-order abortion pills, which are legal to use in the state up to 15 weeks of pregnancy, the general manager quickly rejected it.

Manatee County no longer funding non-profits with a connection to abortion services
Staff Report
WWSB Sarasota
Manatee County Commissioners passed a resolution on Tuesday stating that Manatee County tax dollars will no longer fund non-profit organizations with a connection to Planned Parenthood or abortion services.

Florida Supreme Court justices parrot fiction on 15-week abortion ban
Orlando Sentinel
When lawyers opposing Florida’s 15-week limit on safe, legal abortions  arrived at the majestic state Supreme Court building Friday, they knew they faced long odds.

Floridians can’t trust state Supreme Court to be a check on right’s abortion extremism
Miami Herald
Conservatives have long decried liberal “activist” judges. But someone’s “activist” is someone else’s brilliant legal mind.


The Surprising Places Where Abortion Rights Are on the Ballot, and Winning
By Emily Bazelon
New York Times
When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, abortion opponents celebrated.

U.S. Justice Department asks Supreme Court to take up abortion pill case
By Jennifer Shutt
Florida Phoenix
The U.S. Department of Justice on Friday asked the Supreme Court to decide whether the abortion pill should remain on the market after two lower courts issued differing opinions about its use.

Republicans try an abortion rebrand — but it will just backfire
By Amanda Marcotte
Republicans are getting increasingly desperate over the issue of abortion. On one hand, they cannot cross the religious right, their main source of energy and funding, from wealthy fundamentalists to everyday evangelical foot soldiers.

The ‘A Word’: Why Donald Trump Avoids Talking About Abortion
By Tom LoBianco
The Messenger
Donald Trump may have delivered the Supreme Court conservative supermajority that ended federal abortion protections, but he’s supremely reticent to talk about it for one simple reason: abortion splits apart his base of support in the 2024 primary.

Restore Roe, or Go Beyond It? The Question Is Fracturing the Abortion Rights Movement
By Madison Pauly
Mother Jones
Not long after Election Day last November, Pamela Merritt joined a call with other abortion-rights activists in Missouri to discuss a daring proposal: sidestepping the state’s ruling Republicans by directly asking voters whether to add abortion rights to their state constitution.