Reproductive Rights News Roundup – October 27th 2023


Florida Abortion Rights Amendment Faces Roadblock
By Khaya Himmelman
The Messenger
Florida’s reproductive rights ballot initiative is being held up as an ongoing legal challenge to the state’s 15-week abortion ban continues to play out.

Florida’s proposed six-week abortion ban could cut access in half
By Shefali Luthra
The 19th
New data suggests that a looming six-week abortion ban in Florida — the nation’s third-most populous state — could cut the number of procedures performed there in half.

Lauren Book proposes crackdowns on ‘fake’ reproductive health clinics, harassment at real ones
By Jesse Scheckner
Florida Politics
Senate Democrat Leader Lauren Book wants to ensure that women in Florida aren’t misled by unlicensed operations masquerading as reproductive health clinics and protect those seeking services at real ones from harassment or harm.

Florida’s abortions spike post-Roe reversal
By Selene San Felice
Florida has seen one of the nation’s largest increases in abortions post-Roe, a first-of-its-kind study finds.

Emhoff will visit Miami to promote ‘the role men can play’ in abortion fight
By Michael Wilner
Miami Herald
Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will visit Miami on Friday to rally men supporting women’s reproductive rights, White House officials told McClatchy.

Fact check: DeSantis falsely claims ‘no pro-lifer has ever argued’ to jail a woman for getting an abortion
By Daniel Dale
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis falsely claimed last week that “no pro-lifer has ever argued” that a woman should be jailed for getting an abortion.

Protest buffer at Clearwater abortion clinic to stay during lawsuit
By Tracey McManus
Tampa Bay Times
A Tampa federal judge denied an anti-abortion group’s request to remove the protest-free zone at a Clearwater health clinic while its lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the vehicle safety ordinance plays out.

Medical exceptions to abortion bans often exclude mental health conditions
By Nada Hassanein
Florida Phoenix
More than a dozen states now have near-total abortion bans following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, with limited medical exceptions meant to protect the patient’s health or life.


Georgia Supreme Court upholds state’s six-week abortion ban, returns challenge to lower court
By Jill Nolin
States Newsroom
Attention has shifted back to the Fulton County courthouse after the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an argument that state lawmakers should have to pass abortion restrictions in the post-Roe world.

Republicans hoped to downplay abortion bans. The new antiabortion speaker makes that harder
By David Lauter
Los Angeles Times
Leading Republicans have strenuously tried this year to soft-pedal their party’s support for abortion bans as they seek to avoid losses like those suffered in last year’s midterm elections.

Abortions increased in the US overall in the year post-Dobbs, but there are stark inequalities state-to-state
By Deidre McPhillips
In the year following the Supreme Court Dobbs decision, the abortion landscape in the United States became more fractured than ever.