Reproductive Rights News Roundup – February 2nd 2024


State confirms that abortion rights amendment has collected enough signatures for a vote
By Michael Moline, Florida Phoenix
Organizers of the petition drive to enact a state constitutional right to abortion through a citizens’ initiative have collected enough petition signatures to merit a place on the November ballot, a state elections agency announced Friday.

FL abortion rights measure to be on Nov. ballot
By Trimmel Gomes, Public News Service Florida
Florida voters will soon have the opportunity to express their views on abortion rights at the ballot box.

Abortion amendment could boost Democrats in November
Staff Report, Florida Politics
On Friday, Floridians Protecting Freedom said their bid to have adult reproductive rights enshrined in the Constitution will be Amendment 4 on the 2024 ballot.

Abortion Amendments Proliferate on 2024 State Ballots
By Susan Buttenwieser, Women’s Media Center
Organizers are leading citizen-driven initiatives to put abortion rights on the ballot this November in at least 10 states.

Abortion activists on both sides prepare for Florida Supreme Court hearing
By Katie Streit, Spectrum News Orlando
The Florida Supreme Court is getting ready to hear arguments regarding placing an abortion amendment on the ballot.

Abortion rights supporters are worried about a bill to expand who can file wrongful death lawsuits
By Stephanie Colombini, WUSF Tampa
Abortion rights supporters in Florida are concerned about legislation that could allow parents to sue for civil damages in the death of a fetus.

Democratic lawmakers propose ‘Right to Contraception Act’ to protect access in Florida
By James Call, Capital Bureau USA Today Network-Florida
Two Democratic lawmakers want the Legislature to approve a “Right to Contraception Act,” guaranteeing Floridians can buy and use birth control such as pills, transdermal patches and condoms, among other things.

FL House Dems skeptical of price tag of proposed pregnancy and parenting resources website
By Jackie Llanos, Florida Phoenix
So far, Pinellas Republican Rep. Berny Jacques has been successful in advancing a plan for a website to share public and private resources for pregnant people and parents, but Democrats said they don’t think such a proposal should cost the state $466,200.

Sneaky or innocent? Florida bill looks like a trick up anti-abortion lawmakers’ sleeve
Editorial, Miami Herald
In a vacuum, Florida House Bill 651 isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The problem is that HB 651 may be a Trojan horse.


GOP pivots on abortion stance as 2024 nears
By Ariel Cohen and Sandhya Raman, Bloomberg News
Republican political groups and anti-abortion advocates are no longer focusing on federal abortion bans on the campaign trail, and leading GOP candidates are hedging on the issue as voters increasingly shy away from strict abortion laws.

Republican legislatures in some states are trying to keep abortion off the ballot
By Christine Fernando, Associated Press
Legislative efforts in Missouri and Mississippi are attempting to prevent voters from having a say over abortion rights, building on anti-abortion strategies seen in other states, including last year in Ohio.

Supreme Court sets date for abortion pill oral arguments
By Kierra Frazier, Politico
The Supreme Court on Monday announced that justices will hear oral arguments regarding mifepristone, the commonly used abortion pill, on March 26, and will decide later this year how patients can access the medication.

Medication Abortion Within and Outside the Formal US Health Care System: What You Need to Know
Staff Report, Guttmacher Institute
Medication abortion has become critical for abortion care. Despite being the most commonly used method of abortion in the United States, there is still substantial misunderstanding about what constitutes a medication abortion and how to obtain one, either within or outside of the formal health care system.

Before and after Dobbs, questions of ‘when and where’ affect abortion access
By Kelcie Moseley-Morris, States Newsroom
DakotaRei Frausto was 17 years old and 12 weeks pregnant when they had to travel 11 hours by car from San Antonio, Texas, to New Mexico to terminate a pregnancy after contraception failed them.

Cecile Richards Is Working Through It The former Planned Parenthood chief is still fighting for abortion access — even while living with brain cancer.
By Irin Carmon, New York Magazine
Six months ago, on a family vacation in Maine, Cecile Richards, the long-serving president of Planned Parenthood, discovered that her hand had seemingly forgotten how to write.