Oppose HB 1639: The Trans Erasure Bill

HB 1639 is a sweeping discriminatory bill that directly targets transgender Floridians. This bill empowers the DMV to revoke transgender Floridians’ licenses or IDs that align with their gender identity, creates new barriers to accessing lifesaving care, and increases ALL Floridians’ insurance premiums. 

Furthermore, this bill would require every healthImage insurance plan to cover the widely debunked and dangerous practice of conversion therapy. 

Send an urgent message to members of the Florida House urging them to vote NO on HB 1639 this week on the House floor. 

We know that the majority of Floridians believe we should have the freedom to make personal medical decisions without interference from politicians. HB 1639 represents an extremist agenda that puts trans Floridians at risk, does nothing to confront the real problems our state is facing, and we must oppose it.