Reproductive Rights News Roundup – April 26th 2024


Protect your rights: Vote yes on Amendment 4
By Danielle Tallafuss, South Florida Sun Sentinel
My husband and I started trying to get pregnant early in 2020, and I was surprised to become pregnant with my son Nathaniel almost immediately.

A haven no more: Women’s groups brace for Florida’s 6-week abortion ban
By Christopher O’Donnell, Tampa Bay Times
Monica Kelly was thrilled to learn she was expecting her second child.

Doctors race against Florida’s six-week abortion ban
By Caroline Catherman, Orlando Sentinel
With just days until Florida’s six-week abortion ban takes effect on Wednesday, providers are rushing to perform as many abortions as possible while planning contingencies for a future where they will need to turn thousands of women away.

Biden puts Trump on trial in Florida over state’s six-week abortion ban
By Zac Anderson, USA Today
Working to lasso back into play a state that for years has drifted further right and keep abortion at the center of the 2024 White House debate, President Joe Biden visited Florida on Tuesday to tie his Republican rival Donald Trump to a new state law outlawing abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy.

Biden predicts Floridians will pass ballot initiative to protect abortion access
By Max Greenwood, Miami Herald
President Joe Biden assailed Donald Trump Tuesday over the state of abortion rights in Florida and across the country, and predicted that voters in the Sunshine State would reject newly established restrictions on the procedure come November.

VP Kamala Harris coming to Jacksonville May 1 in fight against state 6-week abortion ban
By Hanna Holthaus
Jacksonville Florida Times-Union
Vice President Kamala Harris will return to Jacksonville on the same day the state’s strictest abortion ban is set to take effect, the Biden-Harris campaign announced.

Nikki Fried says Florida GOP bears ‘blood on its hand’ as abortion ban goes into effect
By Jacob Ogles, Florida Politics
Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried is slamming her Republican counterpart for calling abortion rights a “manufactured issue.”

With Florida and Arizona bans looming, money’s getting tight for abortion travel funders
By Shefali Luthra, WLRN Miami
With Florida set to enforce a six-week abortion ban as early as May 1 and a near-total prohibition taking effect soon after in Arizona, staffers at abortion funds say they won’t be able to meet the increased demand for help funding out-of-state travel — a development that could lead to more people continuing unintended pregnancies.

Andrew Warren says voters need to push back on Ron DeSantis’ ‘extreme abortion bans’
By Jacob Ogles, Florida Politics
With a strict abortion ban going into effect in Florida, a State Attorney suspended for criticizing the law says voters must act.

Chairwoman of Florida’s Democrats Nikki Fried reacts to marijuana and abortion amendments up for vote
By Jackie Nespral, NBC 6 Miami
Jackie goes one-on-one with the Chairwoman of the Florida Democrats Nikki Fried to talk about the amendments on the November ballot.

Fate of Florida’s strict, new abortion law will be decided by voters in November
By Greg Allen, NPR
Florida Democrats see an abortion referendum on the ballot in November as an opportunity to win some key races, against big challenges in a red state.

Despite GOP outcry, Sarasota 211 made no referrals to Planned Parenthood last year
By Christian Casale, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Despite recent, blistering attacks by the Sarasota County Commission against the 211 helpline for having Planned Parenthood as a potential service provider, the 211 phone information hotline made no referrals to the organization last year.

Episode 87: Abortion in Florida: Opponents Speak Out on Amendment 4
By Dara Kam, News Service of Florida
Dara chats this week with opponents of Amendment 4, a proposal that would enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution. Mat Staver and John Stemberger talk about efforts to block the measure from passing. Check out Episode 85 to hear from supporters of the proposal.


Supreme Court justices appear split over whether to protect abortion care during emergencies
By Kelcie Moseley-Morris, States Newsroom
U.S. Supreme Court justices spent two hours Wednesday morning debating whether a federal law about emergency treatment encompasses abortion care even in states with strict abortion bans, with no clear indication of how they may ultimately rule.

I’m An Emergency Physician. Here’s How Dangerous This Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Could Be.
By Dr. Rob Davidson, HuffPost
The U.S. Supreme Court is about to rule on a case in which abortion bans in several states collide with the daily reality of emergency medicine in hospitals across the nation ― and its decision will have life-and-death implications.

Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom
By Amanda Seitz, Associated Press
One woman miscarried in the lobby restroom of a Texas emergency room as front desk staff refused to check her in.

Medical records for out-of-state abortions will now be protected by HIPAA
By Shefali Luthra, The 19th
Health care providers aren’t allowed to tell law enforcement about a patient’s abortion if they received the procedure in a state where it is legal, it is protected by federal law, or it is permitted by state law, the Biden administration said Monday.

As Trump mulls his VP pick, an abortion-rights group warns about ‘extremist’ candidates
By Alec Hernández, NBC News
As former President Donald Trump moves closer to selecting his running mate, a major Democratic abortion-rights advocacy group is taking his pool of vice presidential contenders to task over their records on reproductive rights.