Yes! Abortion is still legal in Florida.

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People want and deserve to make their own personal, private, medical decisions, and we will never stop fighting for our freedom to control our bodies and our lives.

Abortion is safe and common, and you can get this care if you need it.

Current Abortion Restrictions & Requirements:

  • The Latest: As of May 1st, 2024, abortion is banned after 6 weeks in Florida. We know this makes accessing care incredibly challenging for so many people, but no matter what, people still have options and organizations willing to help.
      • Less than 6 weeks pregnant: A person can access an abortion in-state. (Will require 2 appts)
      • More than 6 weeks pregnant: A person may need to leave the state to get care or access for abortion pills by mail.
    • Required Waiting Period: Florida requires a 24 hour mandatory delay, meaning a patient must receive state-mandated counseling at least 24 hours prior to accessing an abortion.
    • As a Minor: Parental notification and consent are required for an individual under 18 to access an abortion. If you cannot involve a parent, there’s help. Click here to learn about getting a judicial bypass to access care without your parent’s involvement. If you need help finding a free attorney or have legal questions, contact The Jane Network.
    • Need to chat about your abortion options including abortion pills by mail? Go to (or click the chat box in the corner of your current screen) to access a private, comprehensive chatbot that will walk you through accessing abortion by pills, scheduling a procedure, and how to navigate logistics and legal restrictions. To talk through legal risk, folks can consult with If/When/How’s Repro Legal Helpline.
    • People are still getting abortion pills by mail in all 50 states. Whether for an immediate need or “just in case”, sliding scale rates are available for abortion pills at

    Visit and to find safe, confidential and up-to-date information about where you can get an abortion.

    FL Map: Abortion Providers

    • Beware of anti-abortion centers that pose as abortion clinics, but shame and deceive pregnant Floridians. Learn more here.

    Need support paying for your abortion?

    Organizations and clinics can help with financial and logistical support for people seeking abortions in Florida. Click below to learn more or inquire directly with an abortion clinic if they have financial assistance.

    Take Action to Restore Abortion Access:

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