Hold FL Health Care Corporations Accountable

It’s time to stop funding anti-abortion politicians.

Haitian Kreyòl  |  Español


Did you know that health insurance companies and hospital organizations like Florida Blue and Florida Health Association have donated $1.7 MILLION+ to the anti-abortion politicians responsible for Florida’s 15-week abortion ban and other abortion restrictions? This goes directly against their mission: to serve the healthcare needs of Floridians.

Like all forms of healthcare, the decision to get an abortion is an incredibly personal one and should be left to Floridians themselves—not politicians and the corporations who bankroll them. Corporate leaders need to know the people they serve support abortion access.

Take action now: demand that healthcare corporations STOP funding anti-abortion politicians. 

Between the state’s arbitrary 24-hour waiting period mandate, a 15-week abortion ban and the rollback of Roe v. Wade, the mental and physical health of millions in Florida and people throughout the country is on the line.

The last thing we need is to have the corporations we rely on for our healthcare putting money in the pockets of anti-abortion politicians.

Send a message calling on these corporations to immediately stop supporting anti-abortion candidates who are working to strip away our basic human rights.

We won’t stop fighting until the corporations of Abortion Injustice Inc. hear the message loud and clear: Floridians support access to abortion, and we demand the freedom to choose our futures, without political interference