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Inaccurate medical information? Religious coercion on the taxpayer’s dime? Inflated reimbursement rates not subject to thorough oversight by the state? Wasteful spending? It’s all unveiled in our January 2021 report.

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Texas abortion ban filed in Florida -> NOW WE MARCH!

These attacks on reproductive freedom are a clarion call for Floridians from all walks of life to take action. Please join reproductive rights advocates and supporters at events happening across the state on Saturday, October 2nd.

Sign Petition/Send Letters: No Texas-style abortion ban in Florida

Leadership in both chambers of the Florida Legislature have stated to the press that they are gearing up to pass more abortion restrictions, with the Senate President lauding specifically the new Texas ban. It is critical that we immediately start — and continue — a drumbeat of opposition up to and through the start of the legislative session. Let’s be loud and clear that Floridians will not support any further restrictions on abortion.

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